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fundamental skills and movement concepts of running games
-run distance and speed with or without object
-dodging and faking to avoid opponents
-guarding opponents
-guarding/protecting space
-change offensive to defensive playing
-intercepting game object
fundamental skills and movement concepts of batting games
a. players at bat
-strike ball to far distance
-sprint specific pathway
b. players in field
-recieve ball at various level
-throwing accurately
-cover designated area
fundamental skills and movement concepts of net games
-hitting an object to a space
-cover area and anticipate where object will be sent
-moving quick in all directions
-change direction suddenly
-strike object at different levels
-send object over a net
-strike object when close and far away from body
4 basic types of formal games
a. target game
b. net games
c. batting games
d. running games
sending- throwing and striking
recieving- catching and trapping
batting games (categorization)
specific game skills-
send away, recieve
playing area-
shared,with track to run
players roles-
variation for defensive team
offensive strategies-
related to scoring runs
defensive strategies-
prevent runs
target games (categorization)
specific game skills-
sending away category
playing areas-
shared, taking turns
players roles-
same skill for all, no interaction
offensive strategies-
to hit a target
defensive strategies-
obstacles preventing opponents to hit target
ex. of batting games
-baseball, softball
3 categories of manipulative skills in running games
a. sending away
b. recieving
c. retaining and travelling
what is standardized in batting games?
-running track for batters
running games complexity
-most numerous and complex of all formal games
running games (categorization)
specific games skills-
send, recieve, travel
playing areas-
shared, rectangular
players roles-
goal keeper with rest same skills
offensive strategies-
hit, carry, throw at a specified goal, basket, or zone
defensive strategies-
intercept object before its a goal
ex. of target game
-bowling, curling, golf
low score/high score target games
low- golf
high- bowling

*scores of players are compared
the main intention of net games
-return the object to the opponents
-only time object is held is when in play or served
ex. of running games
-basketball, hockey, soccer
fundamental skills and movement concepts of target games
-sending away an object
-aiming at a specific, stationary target
-small range of body mgmt skills: stability and balance
net games (categorization)
specific games skills-
sending away, strike w/implement
playing areas- divided by a net, players separated
players roles-
same skills rotating positions
offensive strategies-
try so opponents unable to attatin it
defensive strategies-
keep object in bounds
ex. of net games
-badminton, squash, tennis, volleyball

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