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art final detailed terminology


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high renaissance in italy, 16th cent, michaelangelo, defiant hero of florentine republic, poses david turning his head to left, watchful of approaching foe his muscular body tense while gathering power, rugged torso, sturdy limbs, large hands & ft, swelling veins & tightening strength admired greco-roman status
virgin & child
fr gothic art, late gothic pd, notre dame, france, mary appears as a queen, w/royal garments, and a gem crown, crhist has rich attire, tender characteriza of mother and son led to humanizat of gothic figs, S curve, lily symbolize purity, graceful
dome of florence cathedral
early renaissance art, FILIPPO BRUNELLESCHI, need to raise dome and design it around an ogival(pointed arch) section which is more stable reducing thrust around dome's base, thin double shell around skeleton of 24 ribs
justinian and attendants
byzantine art, early byz pd, san vitale, ravenna, italy, justinian appears on the savior's rt side on a mosaic on the north wall of the apse, laws of church & state are united & shown in the emperor & repr as a priest king, carries a golden bowl holding bread(body of christ), has an imperial purple & halo for godlike status, gold backgd resembles heaven
madonna & child w/angels
early renaissance art in italy, 15th cent, fra filippo lippi, fluid line unifies composit, madonna beautiful young mother, christ child is held by 2 angels, virgin sits on lavish arm chair, shown in profile, sensual
theodora and attendants
byzantine art, early byz pd, san vitale, ravenna, italy, theodora is justinian empress, one of the most remarkable women of the middle ages, she carries a golden cup of wine, has a halo, located on south wall of apse and is slighty off center
garden of earthly delights
early netherlandish painting, 15th cent, hieronymus bosch, triptych, indicate relig, in henry III palace, theme of marriage, sex, procreat,
lt: god present eve to adam w/odd pink fountan in water, surr by animals-sharp mts
rt:horrors of hell-beastly creatures devour ppl, impaled on instrums, embrace of girl who is bitten by a toad
central: nude ppl leaping, consummating, orgy, fruits & birds repr fertility
sarcophagus of junius bassus
4th cent, early christian art, decorated in front in w.roman manner, divided into 2 registers of 5 compartments, stories of old & new testament fill the niches, christ is in central compartment appears like an emperor sitting over pagan sky god proving he is ruler of the universre, there are other apostles like st. peter & st. paul entering jeru on a donkey, abraham sacrif isaac, adam & eve eating of apple in garden of eden, david's entry into jeru, no crucifixion
Effects of good govt in the city & country
late gothic/early renaissance, 14th century, AMBROGIO LORENZETTI, depicts urban/rural effects of good govt, traffic moves peacefully, cluster of maidens dance, guilds are taking part in trades & crafts, harmony betw country & city banner stating execut of evil ppl(fig of justice), angels of building are inconsistent & perspective used is not proportionally correct
purse cover from sutton hoo treasure
early medieval art, middle ages, found in a burial mound at sutton hoo in engl, decorated w/cloisonne-enamel plaques, 4 symmet arranged groups of figs are in lower row, man standing betw 2 beasts, animals are in p/f, 2 center groups repr eagles attacking ducks, convex beaks of eagles & ducks fits against one another, figs above have interlacements into animal figs
giovanni arnolfini and his bride
early netherlandish painting, 15th cent, jan van eyck, done in oil, meticulously painted unnatl wedding in bedrm, no shoes on sacred gd, dog repr lust and fidelity, brush reminds housewife duties candle in candlelabra-eye of god, fruits on window-fertility, mirror symbolizes prudence, medallion on mirror's frame are scenes showing christ's suffering
cross & carpet page from lindisfarne gospels
early medieval art, medieval pd, has christian imagery, animal interlace style, part of bk which contains ornamental pages & exemplified hiberno saxon art at its best, serpentine interlacements of animals devour each other, curl over each other and return to their shapes, expanding and contracting forms show motion & change, cool rich colors on smooth even surface
last supper
high renaissance, 16th cent,leonardo da vinci, 12 disciples seated at a table set parallel to picture plan in a room, christ exclaims one of them is going to betray him, christ is isolatetd from disciples & light from window behind him serves as a halo, christ's head is the focal pt of all converging perspective line in this composit, disciples are in 4 groups of 3, judas' face is in shadow clutching his moneybags, each fig has a diff emotion
amiens cathedral
fr gothic art, high gothic pd, de Luzarches & de Cormant,elegant proportions, complexity of lancet windows,4 part rib vault, buttressing system, self sustaining skeletal architecture, vert buttresses line up w/column inside church, ribs branch out & hold building in place, webbing held by molded bands, columns are main support, junction of vault & wall=wall ribs, arches, rosettes, decorative stone wk
sistine chapel ceiling
high renaissance in italy, 16th cent, michaelangelo, under julian II's commission, fresco, church doctrine, artist's interests, old test, scense of david, panels of genesis, moses, serpent, use of light & shadow to show volume & surface, man is made in the likeness of god as seen in adam & eve is secondary
chartres cathedral
fr gothic art, early gothic-high gothic pd, france, royal portal w/kings & queens flanking doorway, west portals-early gothic, 7 female liberal arts repr core of human knowledge, west facade have sculptures which show majesty & power of christ, 3 doorway connected by episodes of christ's life at the capitals, rt portal has christ in lap of virgin, left portal is christ ascending into heaven, central panel is 2nd coming which signs of 4 evangelists and 12 apostles and 24 elders on lintel
theme of salvation
statues that decorate doorways of royal portal wear old testament clothes and regarded as king and queens of france, stand rigidly apart, w/elbows close to hips, linear folds of garment elongated proports echo the vert lines in columns behind them
new chartres cathedral has flying buttresses
high gothic: nave became vast wall, nave wall elevated, rose windows & lancets w/stained glass statues of st. martin, jerome & gregory adorning portals of new transept--regular folds and indiv features
south transept fig of st. theodore, martyred warrior, contrapposto, turns head
school of athens(philosophy)
high renaissance in italy, 16th cent, raphael, mural, on wall of pope's library has congregat of great philosophers, 2 main figs are plato on left & aristotle on rt, all brought together artificially as a tribute, incl euclid, michaelangelo as heraclitus, leonardo on plato, pythagoras, ptolemy, michaelangelo is on diff vanishing point
last judgment tympanum
made by gislebertus, from saint-lazare, autun, france, bishop de Bage had cathedral built, tympanum's center is larger than everyone else:christ, enthroned & supported by angels,
lt: angels boost blessed into heaven
rt: dead await fate waiting in a line
figs ask angel to help them, angels respond by pointing to christ as the judge
rt side shows hideous demons w/sharp claws like insects this makes those repent and fearful and instills them to remember that god decides whether one will go to heaven or hell
virgin on the rocks
high renaissance in italy, 16th cent, leonardo da vinci, central panel in chapel of confraternity of immaculate conception show chiaroscuro, subtle play of light & dark figs pray, point & bless, angel points to john,john pray to christ & is blessed, virgin has her hand on john and reaches for christ child
madonna enthroned w/angels and prophets
late gothic/early renaissance art, 14th cent, giotto di bondone, realistic qualities like swelling of bosom, depth in throne, substance, dimension, bulk, shadows seen under chin, light & shadow on her throne, angels are men & women
romanesque art, romanesque pd, toulouse, france, church built in honor of bishop sernin(saturnine), toulouse was a pilgrimage stop which had relics, incr length of nave, doubled aisle sides, radiating chapels, geometrically precise, semicirc stone barrel vaults, nave ceiling rests on arcades & vaults transferring their wt to outer walls, compound piers=piers w/column or pilasters attached & rise tto form arches and create transverse arches
expulsion of adam & eve from eden
early renaissance art in italy, 15th cent, masaccio, in brancacci chapel, frescho, slanted light to show deep relief, figs w/bodily wt, stumble blindly by angel's will, cry from eve's mouth, adam's ft contact w/ground show human presence on earth
arena chapel
late gothic/early renaissance, 14th cent, padua, italy, frescoes=38 pics, rectangular barrel vaulted hall w/windows, vault ceiling is blue w/golden stars and medallions, last judgment covers one wall lamentation(intense response-john, mary), meeting of joachim & anna(anna tells joachim that she has been chosen to bear virgin mary)
mona lisa
high renaissance in italy, 16th cent, leonardo da vinci, famous portrait, half length, hands folded, her gaze directed at observers smile is shown by use of light & dark, use of smoky sfumato for misty haziness sets his subj in mysterious landscape future rds & bridges lead nowhere
hagia sophia
byzantine art, early byz pd, in constantinople, turkey, byz's great church known as church of holy wisdom, sense of wtlessness, built for justinian the emperor by ANTHEMIUS of tralles & ISIDORUS of miletus, formidable dimensions for a struct not made of steel, huge buttresses added & 4 minarets made after ottoman conquest when it was a mosque, now a museum, plain exterior, magnificent interior w/dome resting on a halo of light crated by windows--mystic element, glittering mosaics, marble, domed basilica, uses PENDENTIVES to hold up semicirc dome on the square base of the church, uses brick instead of concrete

cartoon for virgin and st.anne
high renaissance in italy, 16th cent, leonardo da vinci, glowing light falls on forms for a scene to have balance & grandeur, robust & monumental figs, grace of movements like goddesses in parthenon appealing cultural unity
florence cathedral
late gothic/early renaissance art, 14th cent, DI CAMBIO, emphasis on horizontal elements makes building cling to the ground, resting massively on it, simple geometric volumens, sum of distinguished parts, nave bay twice as deep as amiens
tribute money
early renaissance art in italy, 15th cent, masaccio, fresco in brancacci chapel, center christ surr by disciples & tells peter to retrieve a coin from fish, left st peter extracts coin from fish & at rt gives it to tax collector, use of light to strike figs illuminating others while others rest in shadow show sculputured relief, figs are wty but express struct & movement,
one pt perspective of architecture
late gothic/early renaisssance art, 14th cent, MARTINI and MEMMI, intl style, appeared for aristocratic taste, lavish costumes, intricate ornaments, radiant color, wtless figs, elegant shapes, angel gabriel flies in w/gold celestial gown, bends like in respect for royalty and tells virgin she will be mother of god, which she puts the bk down and draws her clothes near in response, looks terrified, golden backgd
"May" les tres riches heures du duc de Berry
early netherlandish painting, 15th cent, limbourg brothers,
patrician ppl, preceded by trumpeters, richly dressed, riders sparkle w/ornate finery, rich costumes, courting, duke's castle in the back, not natural since proportions are much elongated, backgd is lush w/greens & wdland, brilliant colors & designs
birth of venus
early renaissance, 15th cent, sandro botticelli, wind blows venus to cyprus, numph run to her w/mantle, draperies wave in the gusts, nude venus w/hair flowing, born in a clam shell, lightness & bodiliness of winds move fig w/o effort, winged gods bring her to shore, hard contours light & shadow
early renaissance art, 15th cent, donatello, pumpkinhead, on campanile of florence cathedral, contrapposto, expressionable face, massive garment folds in order to look realistic from below, bony, lined, taut face, bald head, fierce personality, mouth open
man in red turban
early netherlandish painting, 15th cent, jan van eyck, secular painting w/no relig interpretat, self portrait, level composed gaze, from 3/4 head pose, eyes return gaze at any angle, incl veins in lt eye, beard stubble, aged skin, , attention to face and fur collar
merode altarpiece
early netherlandish painting, 15th cent, master of flemalle, robert campin, triptyph, w/annunciat as central panel, gabriel approaches mary who is reading
bk,towels,bench repr virgin's purity, mousetrap-catch devil, tools as mentioned in isaiah, flowers,strawberries,violets, plaintains repr humility
candle over fireplace-eye of god, blown out candle-old test repl w/new, bad sense of proportion
portrait of a lady
early netherlandish painting, 15th cent,rogier van der weyden, dress bearing noble rank, plain features, giving individualism, lowered eyes tightly locked fingers, introverted personality, reserved
use of flat, sharply pointed angular shapes clue into her personality, emphasis on minute detail-dignity & elegance, 3/4 head pose

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