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20th century prose enlish test


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wrote "Shooting an Elephant"
George Orwell
setting of "shooting an Elephant"
Lower Burma
tone of "Shooting an Elephant"
self mocking
theme of "shooting an Elephant"
tyrrany of mass opinion
Why do natives hate Orwell?
b/c he is a Brit and they impose their customs and oppress the people
What's Orwell's position?
sub-divisional police officer
why was the elephant in "Shooting an Elphant" on a rampage?
b/c it was in "must"
Who did the elephant kill in "shooting an Elephant"?
a coolie, or common worker
Why did Orwell shoot the elephant?
B/c he didn't want to get laughed at by the natives since they wanted him to do it
How long did it take the elephant in "shooting an Elephant" take to die?
30 min
who wrote Garden Party?
Katherine Mansfield
What did the man smell in Garden party?
who wrote Heat?
Jean Rhys
what is the setting of "Heat"?
Rousseau, Martinique, West Indies
what is the point of view in "Heat"?
first person, unreliable, limited
what is the metaphor of "Heat"?
"our valcano was called the boiling lake"
Who is Clive?
Clive is a jolly young Englishman who decided to try life on the edge, went to a volcano, tried to save his fool of a guide and fell off said edge.
What is the mountain called in "Heat"?
Mt. Pelee
What city did the volcano destroy in "Heat"?
St. Pierre
Why does mama say the mountain was destroyed?
according to Mama the city was destroyed because it was sinful and had an opera house ( the modern day version of Sodom and Gamora)
Who survive the eruption?
an underground prisoner
How many died in "Heat"?
Who is the author of "Sunrise on the Veld"?
Doris Lessing
What is the setting of "Sunrise on the Veld?"
South Africa
What is a veld?
an open grassy area
Why does the boy get up early?
it's his birthday and he wants to go kill something
How old is the boy who gets up early?
What kills the antelope?
Why couldn't the antelope escape the ants?
b/c he had a broken leg
How does the leg get broken?
not said, but boy thinks he shot it
How does "Sunrise on the Veld" end?
boy going to think about it
What kind of philosophy is shown in "Sunrise on the Veld"?
Who is the author of "The Red Dress- 1946"?
Alice Munro
what is the setting of "Red Dress"?
Ontario, 1946
what is the point of view?
1st person
is the narrator boy crazy like lonnie?
narrator/mary differences/similarities
both outsiders, boy’s don’t really like them, Mary doesn’t care what the boys think while the narrator does
Why does the narrator want store bought clothes?
to be like everyone else
attitude towards dance with mason williams?
expected him to dance very little
who danced with narrator?
raymond bolting
what is raymond to the narrator?
her savior and rescuer

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