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Appetizers 2


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Shrimp Puppies
More like shrimp fritters. We take a lot of 70/90 count shrimp and mix with garlic herb batter, then deep fry.

Served in a bed of greens with homeade tater and cocktail sauce. 6 per order
Hot Wings
8 jumbo chicken wings lightly breaded and deep fried, tossed in our homemade wing sauce. Served with homemade bleu cheese
Gertie's Clam Strips
Homemade clam strips that we BREAD TO ORDER with our SIGNATURE SEAFOOD BREADING. tarter and cocktail. 5.99
Roast Chicken Quesadilla
10 inch flour tortilla shell, saute pieces of rotisserie roasted chicken, green onions, red, yellow and green peppers, jack and cheddar cheese and hand chopped cilantro, then top with sour cream. slightly crunchy. Curt into four pieces, served with salsa. 6.99
Shrimp quesadilla
10 inch flour tortilla shell, saute shrimp, red, yellow and greenpeppers, jack and cheddar cheese, and hand chopped cilantro, then top with sour cream. salsa. 7.99
popcorn shrimp
6 oz portion of fried popcorn shrimp. hand breaded with our special breading, and deep fried. served with cocktail and tarter sauce.
crispy calamari
large portion of fried calamari that is deep fried and served with homemade cocktail and tarter sauce. calamari is squid. should be ligh golden brown when served
oysters bluewater
6 large oysters on the half shell topped with a homemade creamy crabmeat and horseradist sauce then broiled until slightly brown. garnish with a lemon and kale.
Barbequed baby back ribs
bbq ribs are slow roasted all night. This is why they are so tender. the meat jst falls off the bone. The appetizer order of ribs is a HALF RACK of ribs, basted with our homeade bbq sauce. DANISH baby back ribs. serve with warm damp napkin to clean customers hands and an extr plate for bones. slow cooked 8 hours.
Hot crab dip.
Signature appetizer. made with crabmeat and complmentary spices. hints of horseradish and creamcheese flatter the recipe. served with garlic croutons.
Dozen oven roasted clams
12 little neck clams and oven roast with garlic, wine and herbs. garnished with lemon and kale. clams should slightly pop open whens erved.
peel em shrimp
8 freshest local jumbo shrimp and steam them with old bay until they are cooked pefectly. serve additional plate for shells. hot drawn butter upon request.
lump crab cocktail
large chunks of jumbo crab meat served chilled in a martini glass. with cocktail sauce. GOOD WITH CHARDONNAY

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