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Food Culture Test


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what does 'bon appétit' mean?
enjoy your meal
what is 'le pain grillé'?
toasted bread
what do they drink 'café au lait' out of?
un bol - a bowl
what do the children drink for breakfast?
hot milk or hot chocolate
what do 1/3 of French people have for breakfast?
nothing - just strong black coffee
why are some French now eating fruit juice and cereal?
because it's a healthier and more filling option
what is a 'casse-croûte'?
a snack of bread and cheese
what is an 'entrée'? give an example
a starter - like un potage (soup)
what is un bifteck haché?
fried minced steak
when do you eat bread?
all throughout the meal
what do you finish the meal with?
cheese or fresh fruit, often both
give an example of French cheese
what is la cantine?
the school canteen
what is the menu à prix fixe?
the cheapest menu
what is le menu du jour?
a menu that varies every day
what is un crôque monsieur?
a toasted sandwich
what is une assiette anglaise?
a salad with cold meat
what is le goûter?
childrens' after-school snack
what is le salon de thé?
a tea shop where tea and small cakes are served
what are les petits fours?
small cakes
what does going to a café for une boisson mean?
to go for a drink
what is un panaché?
a shandy made of beer and lemonade
give an example of a hot drink
un chocolat chaud
give an example of a cold drink
un panaché
who is le garçon?
the waiter
what are les plats preparés surgelés?
frozen meals
what is une boîte de conserves?
a tin of vegetables
name two common desserts in France
un flan
une crème caramel
what is the average time the French take to prepare their meals and to eat them?
1:45 to make
1:35 to eat
which three groups still prepare food?
retired people
housewives at home
where do the three groups buy fresh fruit and veges?
at local markets
what drinks are popular as apéritifs in French homes?
what might the men be playing in the south while having their apéritifs?
what are the four main courses in a weekend lunch?
une entrée
un plat principal avec légumes et salade
un plateau de fromages
un dessert
eg of entrée
saumon fumé (smoked salmon)
eg of plat principal
gigot (roast leg of lamb)
eg of légumes
haricots verts (green beans)
eg of fromages
eg of dessert
charlotte aux fraises (a cake with sponge fingers around the edge and strawberry cream in the middle)
eg of vins
bordeaux rouge (claret)
eg of digestifs
cognac (brandy)
what are les crudités?
raw vegetables
when do you eat the salad in France?
after the main dish with bread
what dessert may be eaten with guests?
une tarte aux fruits
specialty from Normandy
sole normande (the sole is cooked in white wine with mussels, oysters and mushrooms, then served covered in a sauce thckened from these components)
specialty from Brittany
Crêpes (pancakes)
specialty from Lorraine
quiche lorraine (an open flan filled with eggs, cream and bacon)
specialty from Alsace
choucroute (pickled cabbage and various kinds of sausages, cooked in white sauce)
specialty from Burgundy
escargots de Bourgogne
specialty from Dordogne
specialty from Languedoc
specialty from the Alps
specialty from provence and the south
what is un pourboire?
extra tip when you are pleased with your meal
why would you organise un repas d'affaires?
it is a meal to soften potential clients
what percentage of the French drink wine every day?
what is a vin de pays?
country wine
which wine is served at room temperature?
red wine
what does sec mean?
what is rosé?
when do you have un digestif?
after the meal
list 4 things which you find totally different from NZ relating to table settings and customs
-forks and spoons are placed facedown
-table is covered with an oil cloth
-bread is placed on the tablecloth
-the same fork, spoon and knife is used for the entire meal

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