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Art History Test #1


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Claus Sluter
The Well of Moses
Tres Riches Heures (Limbourg bros.)
1416 A.D.
Deposition (Weyden)
1435 A.D.
fresco --> Meeting at the Golden Gates, Lamentation, Annunciation
Santo Spirito
1435 A.D.
Pisano - Pisa Pulpit
1260 A.D.
Rogier van der Weyden
The Madonna Enthroned
Cimabue - The Madonna Enthroned
1285 A.D.
Limbourg Brothers
Tres Riches Heures
Arnolfini and Bride (Eyck)
The Well of Moses (Sluter)
1400 A.D.
Piero della Francesca
Brera Altarpiece
Man in Red Turban (Eyck)
Jan Van Eyck
Arnolfini and his Bride & Man in the Red Turban
Garden of Earthly Delights (Bosch)
1505-10 A.D.
Robert Campin
Merode Alterpiece
Sacrifice of Isaac (Brunelleschi)
1401 A.D.
Merode Alterpiece (Campin)
1425 A.D.
Allegory of Good Government (Lorenzetti)
1339 A.D.
Sacrifice of Isaac
Simone Martini
Annunciation (Martini)
1333 A.D.
Sacrifice of Isaac (Ghiberti)
1401 A.D.
Sacrifice of Isaac, Santo Spirito
Pisa Pulpit
Nicolo Pisano
Madonna with Child and Angels (Lippi)
1455 A.D.
Heironymus Bosch
Garden of Earthly Delights
David, GattaMelata, St. George & Feast of Herrod
Gattamelata (Donatello)
1445-50 A.D.
Trinity (Masaccio)
1428 A.D.
David (Donatello)
1430 A.D.
Expulsion of Adam and Eve from Eden, Tribute Money & Trinity
St. George (Donatello)
1416 A.D.
Feast of Herrod (Donatello)
1425 A.D.
Filippo Lippi
Madonna with Child and Angels
Expulsion of Adam and Eve from Eden (Masaccio)
1425 A.D.
Tribute Money (Masaccio)
1425 A.D.
Ambrogio Lorenzetti
Allegory of Good Government
Annunciation (Angelica)
1440 A.D.
Fra Angelico
Antonio del Pollaiuolo
Battle of ten nude men
Bartolommeo Colleoni (Verrochio)
1496 A.D.
Brera Altarpiece (Francesca)
1472 A.D.
David (Verrochio)
1475 A.D.
Andrea Verrochio
David, Bartolommeo Colleoni
Battle of ten nude men
1465 A.D.
Sandro Botticelli
Birth of Venus
Birth of Venus (Botticelli)
1482 A.D.

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