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early renaissance art in italy
15th century

donatello, prophet(zuccone)
donatello, david
filippo brunelleschi, dome of florence cathedral
masaccio, expulsion of adam & eve from eden
masaccio, tribute money
sandro botticelli, birth of venus
andrea del castagno, last supper
fra filippo lippi, madonna enthroned & child w/angels
romanesque art
romanesque period

saint sernin, toulouse, france
gislebertus, last judgment tympanum from saint-lazare, autun, france
early netherlandish painting
15th century

limbourg brothers "May" from les tres riches heures du duc de berry
master of flemalle, robert campin, merode altarpiece
jan van eyck, giovanni arnolfini & his bride
jan van eyck, man in red turban
rogier van weyden, portrait of a lady
hieronymus bosch, garden of heavenly delights
gothic art
early-high gothic period

chartres cathedral, france

high gothic period

amiens cathedral, france

late gothic period

virgin of paris, notre dame, paris, france

leonardo da vinci: last supper, virgin on rocks, mona lisa, cartoon for virgin & st. anne

michaelangelo: david, sistine chapel ceiling

donatello: prophet(zuccone), david

raphael: school of athens(philosophy)

jan van eyck: giovanni arnolfini & his bride, man in red turban

masaccio: expulsion of adam & eve from eden, tribute money

limbourg bro "May" les tres riches heures du duc de berry

gislebertus, last judgment tympanum saint-lazare auzun france

hagia sophia: anthemius and isodorus

annunciation: martini and memmi

giotto di bondone, madonna enthroned w/angels and prophets

fra filippo lippi, madonna enthroned w/angels
saint sernin, toulouse, france
early medieval art
middle ages

purse cover from sutton hoo treasure
cross and carpet page from lindisfarne gospels
high renaissance in italy
16th century

leonardo da vinci, virgin on the rocks
leonardo da vinci, cartoon for virgin & st. anne
leonardo da vinci, last supper
leonardo da vinci, mona lisa
michaelangelo, david
michaelangelo, sistine chapel ceiling
raphael, school of athens(philosophy)
early christian art
4th century

sarcophagus of junius bassus
late gothic/early renaissance art
14th century

giotto di bondone, virgin enthroned w/angels and prophets
arena chapel, padua, italy
florence cathedral
simone martini and lippo memmi, annunciation
ambrogio lorenzetti, effects of good govt in city and country
byzantine art
early byzantine period

hagia sophia
justinian and attendants
theodora and attendants

middle byzantine period

virgin and child

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