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AP Euro 5 & 6


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Peter the Great's desire to have a warm water port; St. Petersburg
Window on the West
Over speculation in a business followed by a price collapse
Who were the Jacobites?
Supporters of the Catholic Stuart "James III"
Charles VI's attempt to keep Austria together after his death
Pragmatic Sanction
Economic system based on bullionism, government control and colonies
What 3 countries partitioned Poland?
Austria, Russia, and Prussia
2 places Russia wanted and got warm water access?
Baltic and Black Seas
Prussia's main reason for wanting to partition Poland
connect Bradenberg and East Prussia
What are 2 Habsburg goals?
secure succession, common inheritence of 3 crowns, resist religious/nationalist seperatists
What was the key to Prussian survival?
a strong army
The decaying empires of the East
HRE, Ottoman, and Poland
The rising 3 powers of the East adn their families
What are 3 differences between commons and elites?
language, appearance, food/drink, housing, education, etc.
Who participated in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd partition of Poland?
1-Russia, Prussia, & Austria
2-Russia & Prussia
3-(all 3)
3 Crowns and their areas controlled by the Habsburgs
The 5 great powers of Europe by mid-18th century
France, Great Britain, Austria, Russia, and Prussia
Fred invaded this place and kept it
The 2 main wars of this period
War Of Austrian Succession (1740-1748)
7 Years War (1756-1763)
Who is Stanislas Poniatowski?
King of Poland (controlled by Catherine the Great and Russia)
Clive is the man in winning this area for Britain
The general trend in taxation in Eastern Europe
tax the peasants
2 things working against the HRE
-.5 protestant & .5 catholic
-30 yrs war
-no central authority b/c of electors
3 disadvantages of East compared to West
-sparse population
-many languages/ethnic groups
-poor economy
-peasants lose rights\wealth
-decentralized power
Foreign invades from the east of HRE and Russia respectively
Russia- Mongols (The Golden Horde)
HRE-ottoman turks
What were Peter the Great's 3 main objectives?
1.Warm water port
2.Westernize Russia
3.create ablsolute monarchy
Dumbest reason a war was started during this time period
Jenkins' Ear
Italian culinary invention rejected by Louis XIV
the fork
Over 100 British soldiers and crowded into a room and most of them suffocated
Black Hole of Calcutta
Manic-Depressive Prime Minister suring 7 Years' War
William Pitt
He didn't chop down a cherry tree, but he did start a world war
George Washington
"An army that owned a state"
"First servant of the state"
Frederick the Great
"Let sleeping dogs lie"
Robert Walpole
"I know that I can save the country and I know that no one else can"
William Pitt
"A state without a people"
Russia under Peter the Great
Effeminate philosopher king/general of Prussia
Frederick the Great
Walpole's French counterpart; no war=low taxes
Cardinal Fleury
"Wow Fred, you're so cool. Take your land back"
Peter III tp Frederick the Great ending the 7 Years' War b/t Russia & Prussia
Give an example of peasant language
Dates for the 3 Partitions of Poland
1772, 1793, 1795
Who fought with Prussia in War of Austrian Succession?
France, Spain, Saxony
Who fought with Austria in 7 Years' War?
France & Russia
What was the Diplomatic Revolution?
when everyone changed sides b/t the two major wars
Stopped the fighting between Prussia and Austria in 1763
Treaty of Hubertusburg
What does France lose and gain in Peace of Paris?
lose-Canada & Ohio Valley
gain-Sugar Islands (Martinique & Guadeloupe)
Dates for Peace of Aix-la-Chapelle and Peace of Paris
Order the following: Dimplomatic Revolution, Austrian Succession, Issac Newton
1.Issac Newton
2.Austrian Succession
3.Diplomatic Revolution
Dates of the 7 Years' War
Order the following: Partitions of Poland, Jenkins' Ear, French and Indian War
1.Jenkins' Ear
2.French and Indian War
3.Partitions of Poland
Order the following: 7 Years' War, Jenkins' Ear, War of Austrian Succession, Treaty of St. Petersburg
1.Jenkins' Ear
2.War of Austrian Succession
3.7 Years' War
4.Treaty of St. Petersburg
Her dad tried unsuccessfully to protect her with the Pragmatic Sanction
Maria Theresa
His father tried to "help" him with a little tough love; including chopping off his best friends' head
Frederick the Great
He made the "Window on the West" in St.Petersburg, defeated Swedes, Turks, Modernized Russia
Peter the Great
First Czar; built St.Basil's Cathedral in Red Square
Ivan IV- The Terrible
Last of the great Swedish kings; Madman of the North; defeated by Peter the Great
Charles XII

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