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Personality Disorder


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What is peronalaity?
The sum total of:
enduring patterns of perception, cognition, and action in the interpersonal world. A habitual and predictable style of thinking, feeling, and acting, arising from the integration of constitution, early life experience, development, and interpersonal, social, and cultural influences.⬝
What is temperament?
Inborn mood state
What is character?
qualities that reflect indiv's attitud about life (social & moral values)
What is Social COnstruction?
How person relates to the world - culture-dependant, interactive btwen indiv & environ
What is a personality disorder?
“A chronically maladaptive pattern of interpersonal functioning; habitual patterns of thought, feeling, and action that repeatedly result in significant social impairment and/or personal distress.”
Define conceptualization
And adaptive response to early events in which the indiv doen't yet have coping skils for
What "ID"
Basic want - pleasure principle
What's "Ego"
Creative ways of getting needs met - mediates internal vx ext worlds
Whats Superego
Social values/morals
Define Splitting
A primitive was to oragnize experiecne - black & white without intergration of components
The 3 levels of personality organiztation
Psychotic level (safety)
Neurotic (Attunement)
Different developmental theories & who they're attributed to:
Winnicott: Good enough mothering
Kernberg: Early Disappointments
Bowlby: Attachment
What is Adlerian Theory?
Social beings (we fill roles available/birth order)
Inferiority complex, strive to uperiority as compensation
Maslow's theory?
Hierarchy of needs:
Belonging & love

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