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atlas 747400 study guide


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copy deck
describe fuel system
7 fuel tanks
15 pumps
4 crossfeeds
total fuel capacity
163 tonnes
reserve tank capacity
4 tonnes
each manin tank 1-4
13300 kilos
main tank 2-3
38100 kilos
center tank
52200 kilos
what fuel types are authorized for unlimited use
jet a/b/a1
where is fuel temp measured
main tank 1
where is fuel tank indicated
lower right corner primary eicas
how many pumps in main tank 3
how many pumps in main tank 2
what is the standpipe level in all tanks
3200 kilos
how do reserve tanks 2&3 supply fuel to engines
from gravity feed to main tanks 2-3 when quantity lowers to 18100 kilos through two valves per wing
how do you check fuel totalizer/total fuel used/fuel used per engine
CDU PROG page 2
full load of fuel after placing all fuel pumps to on, what pumps are only armed, but not active
override pumps 2-3
what crossfeed valves close automatically with flaps at 10-20
crossfeed 2-3
what is recommended fuel for landing
minimum 5500 kilos
can you reset a fuel boost pump circuit breaker
when to main tank 1-4 transfer valves open automatically
during jettison when quantity in tanks 2 and 3 reaches 9072
describe the fuel jettison system
6 pumps
2 main dump valves
a fuel remaining selector
an system A/B selector
(oral question) what is required of engine prior to takeoff with anti-ice on
engine run up to 60% for 30 secs prior to takeoff or every 30 mins and prior to takeoff.
how can you tell NAI operating
NAI indicators on primary eicas next to N1 indicators
or ECS synoptic page
does wing AI operate on ground
does wing AI operate when flaps extended
yes, but not effective
when are the pitot static probes heated
when the engines are startes
when is the TAT probes heated
in the air only.
how can you reset an overheat in the window system
off for 10 secs then back on
where are the flight deck controls for the side window heating
always heated with ac power
when does the supernumerary oxygen system operate with the switch in normal
masks will deploy at 14000 ft cabin altitude
when can the supernumerary system be reset
cabin alt. 12300
min press for supernumerary O2
min press for crew o2
950 land
1200 water
relief for minimums in performance handbook flight planning chapter 4
how long will inp light stay illuminated during preflight
until the first irs aligns
what powers the yaw damper
hyd 3 for upper
hyd 2 for lower
what happens when sys logic detecs fault in yaw damp
fault light illuminated and system disables
do yaw dampeners move rudder pedals
describe the pressurization system
2 outflow valves
2 pressurization controllers
2 pressure relief valves
where can you observe cabin alt and rate
primary eicas
where are the two places to see differential pressure
primary eicas and ECS page
what is max diff for t/o and ldg
what is max diff press for flight
how many positive press relief valves
2, activates at 9.4 psi
where are the negative press relief valves located
2 on main deck cargo
2 on each lower lobe cargo door
how many zones are there for airconditioning
3 upper deck
2 main deck
2 lower lobe
how many pack controllers do we have
what is temp range for flight deck
what does manual position for ECS do
controls the trim air valve
what would cause a zone temp fault light to illuminate
controller fault
trim air valve failure
what happens when zone reset switch is pushed
resets system logic for trim air
what would cause a pack system fault light to illuminate
controller fault
trim air switch selected off
master trim air valve closes
when does flight mode actuate with equip cooling
2 engines running
what does override do in equip cooling
exhausts cooling air overboard via differential pressure
what does an overtemp in aft cargo heat do
still operates in auto mode modulating off the overheat sensor
what valves close when engine bleed valves put to off position
engine bleed valve
with bleed air switch to off do you have thrust reversers
yes, unless
engine start valve fails open
with engine bleed air valve off , what would prevent the use of nacelle anti ice
the PRV valve failed open
what is the only indicator that flashes for 5 seconds on this aircraft
when fuel jettison is complete

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