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747 Study Guide


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which bus normally powers the center a/p
AC bus 1
which buses control which A/P
a/p C,R,L
bus 1,2,3
which ac bus is the primary bus for backup of the ca/fo transfer bus system
ac bus 1
how can you talk to the ground guy on the flt interphone system
press flt intphone on comm panel

what is the normal means of id'ing the proper ils has been tuned by the FMC
a proper ident. will display the id on the CDU
if armed LNAV engages?
if both fds are off and L A/P engages, What pitch/roll modes appear in FMC window
HDG HOLD/ Vertical SPD
if bank more that 5 then roll mode is ATT
in appch mode can GS capture prior to LOC interception
in dual fmc failure what actions are required for navigation radio use
manually tune nav radios on NAVRAD page
if one EEC ALTN light appears what is the procedure
change all to ALTN mode, After pulling back power slightly.
during descent, fasten seat belt in auto mode, when does the return to seat, fasten belts light illuminate
fasten belts at 10300
or gear down or flaps out of up
when does auto seatbelt sign mode extinguish seatbelt sign
during climb
flaps up. airplane above 10300
gear up
when flaps in alt and secondary mode, what drives them?
electric motors drive the flaps
what have you lost when flaps are in secondary mode
flap load relief
and expanded version of flap indicator shows on eicas upper
what controls direction at high airspeed
inbd ailerons and spoilers
how do you id an active waypoint
a magenta waypoint next on the ND,
when are all fire detection systems tested
on preflight flow by the fire/ovht test button
Arming aft cargo fire switch does what?
arm squibs
shut down packs 2 and 3
configure equip cooling to ovrd
closes trim are valve
altn control for efis displays are found where?
menu button
where are memo messages displayed
primary eicas, displayed in white
FMC database includes information on what?
how many bleed valves shut down when engine bleed air switch is pushed off
PRV, Eng bleed valve, HP valve
NAI Auto turns on when?
when ice is detected in flight
when will the EICAS alert you to turn off the anti ice while in ON
12-15 C
define icing conditions
spread 3degrees of less
temp 10 or less
visible moisture
what of considerations of rudder ratio failure during flight
crosswind landing limit W/
1 failed 20
2 failed 10
2 and an engine 5
what happens with single autopilot engaged and trim switch pressed
single autopilot will disengage
FO PFD/ND blank out simultaneously, what could be the reason
EIU Autoswitch FAIL
autostart monitors what
hot start
hung start
no lightoff
Cabin alt greater than 10000
master warning
alt warning horn
erase cockpit voice recorder conditions
park brake set
on ground
AC power on A/C
HOLD switch for 30 secs.
apu gen switches 1/2 powering sync bus, with EXT PWR AVAIL, is the main deck cargo handling bus powered
yes, by the EXT AC PWR
what causes an IDG disc Automatically
Excessive temp.
what actuate thrust reversers
bleed air
when is appch idle commanded by eec
Flaps lndg
Cont IGN
reversers in use
what items on ground handling bus
pump aux4
are flap 30 avail in alt mode
no, avail in all other modes
does auto isolation of ac bus open corresponding dc bus tie
galley is powered by what
utility 2/3
what is indicated by red/white flag in stab trim indicator
fault in trim indicator
failure of FCU'S results in what
flap lever frozen
alt flap extension req.
no asym protection
when do irs go to split operations
one failure
polar ops
significant difference in pos. over 6 miles
why would you move equip cooling switch to stby on ground?
equip cooling system did not reconfig for flight on engine start
pack controller/cabin alt controller in auto
changes controller every flight
will auto switch with system fault
selection of A/B sets priority only
aircraft length
tail height
62.5 ft
max landing
max t/o
max taxi
max zfw
max ZFW affects max T/O?
more than 276.691
max oper. alt
max t/o and ldg alt
+ - 2%
main cargo door limit for wind
40 operating
65 open
aft cg limit
fwd cg limit
11 and 13 % due to sliding ZFW
max tailwind for to
turb air penet. spd
total number of souls on a/c
how many halon fire ext. and location
1 cockpit
1 upper deck
1 main cargo
how many water extinguishers
upper deck 1
main deck 1
how many life rafts
2 10 man rafts
how many crash axes
2 main deck and cockpit
how many inertial reels?
exterior safety inspection items
apu exhaust clear
note t/e flap position
apu wheel well fire handle in
note position of gear doors/handle
items on interior safety check
battery on
stby pwr auto
demand pumps off
altn flaps off
gear handle down
flap handle matches flap position
batt switch on powers what buses
main batt bus
apu batt bus
items on main batt bus
alt apu cont.
dome light
cockpit interphone
L radio tuning panel
L vhf
crossfeed valve
main press cont.
item on main hot batt bus
fire suppression
apu fuel shutoff valve
spar valve
apu hot batt bus
main apu cont
iru batteries
apu inlet door
apu fire warning horn
outflow valves
apu batt bus
dc pump
apu/eng. fire detection
what powers main stby bus with batt pwr only
main batt bus through main stby inverter
what powers apu stby bus with batt pwr only
apu batt bus through apu stby inverter
items on main stby bus
primary eicas
stby ign all engines
apu stby bus
left pfd
left fmc
left nd
main stby bus powered?
ac bus 3
apu stby bus power?
L transfer bus
what does stby bus transfer to with loss of AC bus 3
ac bus 1 through transfer bus
apu start
check status page then
on, momentary start, then back to on
apu inflight operations
alt. 20000
no air load
electrics ok to 15000
apu fire indications
master warning
fire bell
light in fire switch
horn in wheel well
apu fire switch
apu fuel valve
trips field
arms squib
bleed air valve
eng fire switch
arms squib
trips field
bleed air valve
fuel valve
depress EDP
what are we looking for when we check the secondary eicas
hyd qty +.8
oil qty +16 qt.
02 1200 for over water 950 land
apu min .55RF
status items

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