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Viking explorer who "discovered" America
Leif Ericson
Queen at the beginning on English colonization
Ellizabeth I
King who started the Church of England
Henry VIII (the eighth)
When Christopher Columbus "discovered" America
October 12, 1492
Attempted naval invasion of England in 1588.
Spanish Armada
One of Christopher Columbus' ships
Santa Maria
This man "discovered" America for the third time
Christopher Columbus
This man wanted to reform the Catholic church
Martin Luther
Attempt to change the Catholic Church.
A series of religious wars for control of the Holy Land.
The rule of a country by a king or queen
Period of time when the Earth's temperature dropped and the level of the oceans dropped
Ice Age
A social system in which one level of society owes something
Allowed migrattion of prehistoric people to North America from Asia
land bridge

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