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N Ren Art Test 1


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Madonna and Child with Canon George van der Paele
Jan van Eyck. 1436. Bruges. humanism. verism. with patron St George
Chartres Cathedral
Chartres, France. 13th cent,

basilica plan, spires don't match. early gothic, less windows
Reims Cathedral
Reims, Fr. 13c.

more glass, less masonry.
Paris, late 13cent.

smaller, many windows
Resurrection Scene
Master of the Trebon Altarpiece. 1385.

red bckgd, tempera, byzantine,
charles 4
HRE, founded prague. all money to oldest son- merchant class formed.
Panel of the Nativity
(gold boho)
Master of the Vyssi Brod altarpiece. 1350. prague.

tempera, polyptic. byz of virgin. similar to pieta. abstr colors/landscape. patron smaller.
Bruges Madonna

sculpture. crown-artist. gothic dress.
1390. Vesperbild,

stiff fig. polychrome pigment. byz/goth
Papal Court
Avignon. 1330s. comm by Charles 4.

regional styles mingled and gathered. cultural center.
The Hunting Scene
1350. Avignon. Guard's Room wall painting.

first secular painting. vernacular. naturalism
1330. Simone Martini.

the virgin majesty. international gothic style. blonde virgin surrounded by angels
Annunciation by martini
Simone Martini. 1333. polyptic. international gothic style
gold background. frame looks gothic
Portrait of King John II
Girard d'Prleans. 1360. Louvre

profile bust. kind of france. gold bckg, like icon
Presentation of a Bible to Charles V
Jean Bondol. 1370.

monastic. canopy. master of arts. BOQUETAUX
luminous colors, elaboration of naturalism. greater luminocity. interest in nature?
Portrait of Rudolph IV of Austria
1365. anonymous.

looking down, higher status. ornate outfit. change from profile to 3/4 view
physical world. common in manuscript illustration.
Jean Bondol
ushered in boquetaux manner
Boucicaut Hours
Boucicaut Master. 1410.
Visitation Scene of Boucicaut Hours
Boucicaut Master. 1410.
Vigils of the Dead from Boucicaut Hours
Boucicaut Master. 1410. Paris?

converging lines, gothic int. elab margins- bouquetaux!
Lamentation scene from Rohan hours
Master of the Rohan hours. 1420.
sky covered with angel wings. mystery plays. god depicted.
Judgement of the Dead from Rohan hours
Master of the Rohan hours. 1420.

satanic angel
Brussels hours dedication page
Jacquemart de Hesdin. 1400.

diptych. international and boquetaux style. patron, standard. virgin in throne of wisdom. comm by duke of berry
Moralizing bible for Philip the Bold. Genesis scene
Limbourg Brothers. before 1404.

memory marker, inspirational-didactic.
Annunciation scene from Tres Riches Heures
Tres Riches Heures du duc de berry. 1413. Limbourg Brothers. chantilly?

mary in church with stained glass. reading.
Meeting of the Magi at the Crossroads
Tres riches heures du duc de berry. 141.

comparable to berry family. not contemporary dress- eastern. exotic animals. rich blues
Adoration of the Magi from TRH
Tres Riches Heures du duc de berry. 1413.

cheetahs. shed/canopy. international style
Crucifixion Scene from TRH
tres riches heures du duc de berry. 1413. limbourg bros.

tie to zodiac
January from TRH
1413. limbourg bros.

banquet scene
February scene from TRH
1413. limbourg bros.

one of earliest snowscenes ever made. 3 planes of vision. atmospheric perspective.
October page from TRH
limbourg bros. 1413.

ext of king's palace. pleasures of outdoors. division of fore, mid, bkgd.
Chartreuse de Chapmol
portal. 1385. dijon, fr. claus sluter and shop.

trumeau matronly virgin, jambs donors and patron sts. attention to detail, drapery. international style.
The Well of Moses
Chartreuse de Chapmol. Dijon, FR. 1395. Claus Sluter

lifesize figs. old testament figs. guilded by Jean Malouel
Tomb of Philip the Bold
Claus Sluter. Chartreuse de Chapmol. Dijon, fr. by 1414.

pleurants. infl by mystery plays.
Merode Altarpiece
Robert Campin. 1425.

panel painted triptych. flemish style. disguised symbolism. Annunciation scene.
Entombment (flemish style)
Robert Campin. 1420.

triptych. bodies stiff. almost byzantine. gold bkgd. emotional crowding of figs. 4 rounded arches
Nativity (flemish)
Robert Campin. 1425. Dijon.

international style, realism and highly detailed...verism
Ghent altarpiece
Jan van Eyck. 1432. St Bavo's cathedral. ghent, belgium

sacre conversazione. all diff sts/time. verism. flemish portraiture.
Altar of the Lamb
from Ghent altarpiece int. Jan van Eyck. 1432. Cath of St. Bavo, Bruge

god depicted as wealthy. vita activa/ vita conteplitiva. classical rennovation. sacre conversazione. polypctic- 5 pieces.
Madonna and Child with Canon George van der Peale
Jan van Eyck. 1436. Bruges

flemish style. humanism. verism with st george. disguised symbolism/sculptures.
Madonna in a Church
Jan van Eyck. 1440.

queen of heavens, crown. window light= divine presence
Madonna and Child with Chancellor Nicolas Rolin
Jan van Eyck. 1435. louvre.

aristocratic depiction of virgin. christ logos. 1413
Arnolfini Wedding Portrait
Jan van Eyck. 1434.

secular scene. disguised symbolism. oil paint.
Man in the Red Turban
Jan van Eyck. 1433.

not typically this close portrait. maybe self portrait
Portrait of Gilles Binchois
Jan van Eyck. 1432.

looks like memorial. greek scholar. courtly portrait?
Margerite van Eyck
Jan van Eyck. 1439.

small panel. proportions inacc- emph on face. personal. grown from donor portraits

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