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Paleolithic Art 2


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What kind of imagery is found at Pech Merle?
two near life size horses that fit very well onto the panel on which they are painted. Dappled Horse Panel.
Where is the Dappled Horse Panel Found?
Pech Merle
Give an example of how there is continuity between personal ornaments found in Western Europe in the Aurignacian and Gravettian
Use same materials
Give three examples of fired clay
1) Woman with Horn, Laussel, Gravettian
2) Les Deux Personnnages (Playing Card) Laussel, Gravettian
3) La Dame a la capuche, Brassempovy, France
Where is La Dame a la capuche found?
Brassempovy, France
When was La Dame a la capuche found?
in 1892
From what material is La Dame a la capuche made?
Why is La Dame a la capuche significant?
One of the few detailed representations of the human face
Where is Les Deux Personnages found?
Where is the woman with horn found?
With what object are gravettian engravings made?
flint burins are sometimes used
Give an example of a Gravettian engraving
Engraved woolly mammoth from Grotte de Cusac, Dordogne, France
What was found underneath the woolly mammoth engraving panel at Grotte de Cusac?
Human skeletons, one dating to 25 kya BP
Give four examples of Gravettian painted caves (Hands)
1) Pech Merle
2) Gargas
3) Cosque
4) Chauvet
What kind of objects were perforated and worn as personal ornamentation in the Gravettian?
-Heyna Carnassial, human molars, wolf canines, deer canines, and basket shaped beads
What was the connection Randy White made between wind instruments and the Isturitz pipes?
White thinks there is significance between the bird bones and the air/wind sound produced by the pipes...
When was the Gravettian?
28-22 kya BP
Did Neandertals make Gravettian images?
No, only AMH
Talk about Gravettian art
Animal signs dominate
greater diversity, more geometric signs, overlapping, lots of hand prints (gargas). hundreds of human representations in terms of sculptures (venus)
When was the Solutrean?
22-18 kya BP
What things were found in the Solutrean?
Needles, spear throwers (atlatls), heat treating of lithics, pressure flaking,
** More localized ** - Spain, West France, Belgium
General characteriztics of the Solutrean
-human figures rarer
-geometrics rarer
-most images of animals
-no plants yet id'd with certainty
Give an example of Bas-Relief from the Solutrean
Forneau du Diable
Examples of Solutrean personal ornaments
pierced animal teeth, sea-shells, beads, larger pendants
T/F - there are an abundance of 3D sculptures and painted caves during the Solutrean
Let's talk about Cosquer:
1) When was it found?
2) Who found it?
3) What kind of images are within?
1) found 1991
2) found by Henri Cosquer
3) 100+ animal images, cross hatching, negative hand prints,
What kind of animals were found painted in Cosquer?
awks, jelly fish
When was the Magdalenian?
18 - 11 kya BP
How many painted caves sites have been found dating to the Magdalenian?
close to 300
How many portable artifacts have been found dating to the Magdalenian?
T/F: Geometric signs outnumber identifiable ones during the Magdalenian?
What materials are portable objects dating to the Magdelenian made from?
Stone, bone, antler, ivory
What country accounts for about 90% of the portable artwork found during the Magdelenian?
What kind of portable art from the Magdalenian was found at Grotte d'Isturitz
-carved antler in form of fishtail;
-engraved antler;
-decorated spear points made of reindeer antler
describe the personal ornamentation found on a women buired at St. Germaine-la-Riviere
She wore a necklace of a dozen deer teeth, each polished, drilled and engraved with a unique geometric design
Name painted cave sites during the Magdalenian
1) Rouffignac
2) Lascaux
3) Altamira **(and Solutrean)

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