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Art Terms


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sense of one-ness or wholeness in an artwork (also known as proximity)
is the way we see light reflected from a surface or refracted through a prism
6 elements of design
line, shape, form(mass), space, color/value, texture
principles of design
create wholeness or visual unity when they are using elements of art to create artwork
symmetrical balance
opposite sides of an artwork are balanced by matching elements
illusion of distance on a flat surface
path of a moving point
asymmetrical balance
opposite sides of the artwork are balanced, but not with the matching elements
tactile texture
way a surface really feels (also known as real texture)
implied texture
created on a surface to give the impression of a real texture( also known as simulated texture)
refers to the brightness and darkness of a color or shade
combination of lines, shapes, and colors that are repeated used in an overall design (repeated)
radial balance
all of the elements branch out in different directions from the same point
area enclosed by an outline
refers to the differences in colors, textures, sizes, shapes, values and other elements in an artwork (also known as contrast)
opposite sides of an artwork contain certain elements of equal visual weight
makes viewers believe they arre looking at 3-D objects even thouh they are 2-D (also known as mass)
arrangement of design elements (line, shape etc.) to create a 'path' for your eye to follow around or through an artwork
refers to the way a surface feels or the way it looks like it feels
element of design
visual parts that make up a work of art
given to a center-of-intrest or focal point in an artwork
use of line color, or a motif in more than one place in a composition
invented texture
impression of texture but it is used in a decorative, rather than realistic way
repeated use of similar elements such as line, color or shape; expresses feelings or moods; similar to a beat in music
dynamic rythm
shows motion and excitement
static rythm
moves very slow or not at all
way the elements are put together (also known as design)

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