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Art FInal


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replication regular or irregular
split complementary color scheme
uses the color and the 2 colors on either side of its complementary
sculpting 3-D organic and geometric
orange green violet
the sunlight was refracted into different colors
What did Sir Isaac Newton observe in 1666 when he passed a ray of sunlight through a prism
complementary color scheme
a pair of complementary colors and dtheir tint and shades
brightness and purity of a color, mixing with its complament
complamentary colors
colors that are directly accross from each other on the color wheel
cool color scheme
cold or calming feeling
symetrical and asymetrical
mix black with any color from the color wheel
color schemes
selective use of two or more collors in a single composition
primary colors - red, yellow, blue
There are no range of colors that can be mixed to get these colors, when combined they make up many other colors
organic or geometric human made natural 2-D
an expensive material used in small quanities by dentists for tooth impressions
plaster cloth
made up of gauze strips which have been inpregnated with plaster of paris
warm color scheme
gives warmth and brightens
white light mixable, red, yellow, blue
Sir Isaac Newton
What person can much of our present day color theory be traced back to
neutral color
grey, mixing 2 complamentary colors
size, cluster, overlapping
refers to focus and area
appear to sense of touch real or implied by value
balance, movement, ph___, contrast,emphasis,pattern,unity
what are the seven principles of art
yellow-green, blue-green, blue-violet, red-violet, red-orange, yellow-orange
Examples of tertiary colors
light and dark in any place
secondary colors - orange, violet, green
What do you get when you mix two primary colors together
life casting
the process of creating a 3-dimensional copy of a living human human body or part of the body
brings excitment to art by showing opposites
Name of a color
mixed media
mixing different art mediums together
red, yellow, blue, orange, green and violet
What are the colors of the color wheel
a color made by mixing one primary color with one secondary
line, shape,form,color,secondary,value,texture,space
what are the 7 elements of art
release agent
a substance used in moulding and casting that aids in the separation of a mold from the material being molded
mix white with any color from the color wheel
triad color scheme
This color scheme uses 3 colors that are equally spaced out on the color wheel (for example: Red, Blue, and Green)
This scheme uses three colors, one that is in the center, and the two colors adjacent to it on the color wheel (for example: Red, Red-Orange, and Red-Violet).
basic element of any kind of tool thick or thin
plaster of paris
gypsum in white powdery form used as a material in making molds
brings everything together
monochromatic color scheme
use only one color
makes greater colors and focal points

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