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visual art terms


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A sudden change ( dark to light, big to little, rough to smooth, straight to curved...)
Artwork that is used to express the emotions, ideas or feelings or to show beauty.
a picture that is about the land and the things that make it up
3-D Process
How art is made that id seen form many sides (weaving, quilting, knitting, ceramic pottery, sculpture)
Styles of Art
the way artwork looks
Artwork that is made for rituals, religious or cultural gatherings (african masks, kachina dolls...)
another name for focal point or the first part of the picture that you see.
Color Schemes
ways to group colors into families
Artwork that has no objects in it... it just shows line, texture, shapes and colors.
to be of equal weight
A 3-D area that can be measured in height, width, and depth ( cylinder, sphere, cube, pyramid, prism...)
a picture that is made by gluing items like paper, cloth and photos in an arrangement on a flat surface.
Geometric Shapes
Shapes that follow the rules of math including squares, triangles, circles, ovals, rectangles
Cool Colors
any blue, green or violet - colors that show cool atmospher, relaxation and calmness
line that curves back and forth
Neutral Colors
Brown, gray, black and white - earth tone colors that sometimes show boredom, depression and lonelyness
another name for color
Freeform Shape
another name for organic shape, they are made up or flowing shapes usually found in nature
Art that looks as much real subject as possible
Symmetrical balance
mirrored image that is created by the line of symmetry making it the same on both sides
a picture that shows a person or a group of people and tells you something about them
3-D Media
Materials used to make a work of art that is to be viewed form more than one side. ( Clay, Paper-Mache, stone, wood, metal)
Primary colors
red, yellow and blue - the basic colors that can not be made
artwork that is made to be used ( Native American Pottery or Weavings, baskets, quilts)
Artwork that tells a story ( illustrations, totem poles, cave drawings, pictagraphs...)
Paper Mache
3-D process and medium that takes pieces of towarn paper and layers them with glue and water mixture around a base form such as wire, balloons, paper form... to create a hard 3-D form that is painted and decorated.
The way a surface feels or looks like it would feel. (rough, smooth, silky, soft, fluffy...)
Warm Colors
Any red, yellow or orange - colors that show heat anger or energy
to chang the way something looks but you can still tell what it is. ( painting a dog blue, or giving an apple zebra fur...)
2-D Media
media that makes flat art that is fiewed form one side ( crayons, pencil, paint, paper, oil pastels, chalk, ink...)
Still Life
picture that has a group of objects that are arranged for the artist to look at and draw or paint. ( basket of fruit, vase of flowers...)
the way the human eye sees light reflecting off a surface
A 2-D area that has height and width
4 ways to show emphasis
1. largest part of the picture 2. in the middle of the picture 3. other parts point to it 4. It contrast the rest of the picture
Materials used to create a work of art (Medium is the singular form)
Subject Matter
What artwork is about
Secondary Colors
orange, green and violet - colors made by mixing 2 primary colors
Purpose of Art
Why the artist made the work of art
2-D Process
How art is made that is flat ( painting, drawing, stamping, printmaking)
a repeating of line, color, or shapes in a certain order

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