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Art History Ch. 3 (2)


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watercolor painting
used since ancient egypt; originally used as a planner; pigment mixed with gum arabic; looks transparent on water color paper
bronze sculpture
made from a mold, casting method; first made of clay or plaster; molten bronze is poured into mold; numerous can be made
Intagilo (engraving) printmaking
lines are scratched into metal plate; ink is forced into low areas; ink whiped off high areas; colored areas are the inked lines; white areas are untouched areas, creates mirror image of original drawing
lithography printmaking
draw on a piece of limestone with greasy crayon; entire surface is chemically treated; water is spread on stone and sticks to the non greasy areas -works on premise that oil and woter dont mix; greasy ink is applied and sticks to areas where there is no water; colors can be printed on top of eachother
marble sculpture
start with large marble then chip away; surface can be rough or polished; carved with chizzle and hammer with mallet
screen printing printmaking
ink is pressed through a piece of silk; a stencil or mask blocks areas so they wont print; squeegee is used to force ink through; new stencil for each color; does no print mirror image
soft pliable mediun is used in modeling-clay; in carving a given medium is chipped or cut-wood, marble;for casting a liquid is poured into a mold -bronze; different media are attached to eachother in the assembly process-wood,metal,paper
wood sculpture
can a subtractive or additive; can be carved nailed filed or drilled; carving or assembly method
paint it thinned and applied layer by layer with a brush
charol drawing
made by carbon and burnt wood; comes in 3 forms vine, compressed, and pencil; used on a paper with a tooth; can be bleached
utilitarian means they are useful
acrylic painting
pigment mixed with polymer emulsion; thin nad clean up with water; dries clear; looks opaque on canvas
glass crafts
can be hand blown or hand made; stained glass is used for windows; made by cutting dyed glass held together with lead strips
steel sculpture
sheets whish are cut and welded; can be forged-steel is heated and hammered into shape
fibers crafts
can be decorative and functional as in the case of tapestries; created on a loom; warp is vertical-keeps together; weft is horizontal; individual pieces of fabric sewn together creates a quilt
Intagio (etching) printmaking
metal plate covered in wax; lines are cut into the ground; plate placed in acid; acid etches lines where warx is removed; ink is placed on plate; unetched areas are clean; will create mirror image
materials used to create art (pencil, paint, chalk)
surface on which media is placed (paper canvas)
fresco painting
used to decorate celings and walls; pigment mixed with wet plaster; ground is wet plaster; look for crakcs in the surface adn marks or changes in the colors
relief sclupture
3D forms project from a flat surface; viewed only from front; bas relief has forms the project slightly from the background-coins; high relief the sculpted forms extend boldly
woodcut printmaking
flat wooden blocks are cut; ink sticks to hte raised areas; ink does not go to cut away areas so they are the same color as the background; relief printing process b/c image prints from high areas; a brayer is used to roll on ink; when using may colors must register
photography printmaking
allows artist to make numerous images; may decisions: film, flash, settings, point of view, lenz, exposure, developing
implements used to put to media on the ground (paintbrush pen) OR used to change the appearance of the media (eraser smudger)
pasel drawing
cimilar to chalf or crayon; half way between painting and drawing; placed under glass for permanence
tempera painting
similar to poster paints; pigment mixed with water saluable; dated back to ancient egypt where pigment was mixed with egg yokes; dries fast; ground is usually a wooden pannel
oil painting
pigment mixed with poppyseed oil or linseed oil; thinned with oil; dries slow; clean up with paint thinner b/c binder is not saluable; finished painting looks opaque; a plaette knife can be used to apply paint; glaze; impasto
sculpture in the round
freestanding art work surrounded on all sides bu negative space; some ment to be viewed from front and others from all around
pen and ink wash drawing
diluted with water; apply with a speedball pen or a paintbrush; available in colors
thick application, applied to ground with pallet knife
pencil drawing
dates back to ancient rome; modern is a mixture of carbo nand clay; most useful drawing
ceramics crafts
to make from clay; can be a fine art; can be applied art-a use

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