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Art Exam


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a water-based paint that is a translucent wash of pigment
a hue with white added
A shapehaveing none of the geometric angularity associated with other shaped such as squares,triangle,rectangles.
Primary colors
red,yellow,and blue;can not be made by mixing other colors
Complementary colors
two colors directly opposite one another on the color wheel
an actual or implied mark,path,mass,or edge,where length is dominant
non-objective art
art that has no recognizable subject matter
used in watercolor painting,brush drawing, and occaionally in oil painting to describe a broad thin layer of diluted pigment or ink
Positive Space
space that is occupied by element
placement of non-identical forms to either side of a balancing point in such a way that the two sides seem to be of the s
Warm Color
Colors whose relative visual temperature makes them seem warm
a painting technique that is well-known as being the primary method of painting used by Bob-Ross
Nagative space
the unnocupied or empty space left after the positive shapes have been laid down by the artist; however,because these areas have bounderies
Cool Color
colors whose relative visual temperatures make them seem cool.
Self Portrait
a portrait an artist makes using himself/herself as its subject
a visual attribute of things that result from the light they emit or transmit or reflect
an area which stands out from the space next to it or around it because of adefined boundary or because of a difference of value,color,or texture
a 20th century painting stlye emphasizing brillant, often unnatural,colrs and the forms created by this
the names of the colors,such as red,green or yellow.
the process by which a work of art can be recreated in great quantity from a single image usually prepared from a plate

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