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Portage Nothern Art Final 2008!

heyy everyone
for those at northern who have been getting 60%s all year, this is for you :D


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copy deck
4-5, all colors all areas
How many layers of color should you have in each area?
a distortion of proportion
What is foreshortening?
when the clay is still plyable, but it's hard
What is leather hard?
How many gradations of value should you have in each composition?
across from each other on the color wheel
Describe complimentary colors
an object without volume, normally drawn or written
What is 2D?
shape, form, value, color, line, texture
Name the elements of design
3 colors "family" (yellow, yellow green, green)
Describe analogous colors
When you're looking from an object from the top, ontop of it
What is a bird's eye view in drawing?
Shades and tints of one color
Describe monochromatic colors
greys and dulls as it receedes, most texture in the foreground, less texture in the middle ground, none in the background
How does color change at various distances?
3-4 colors that aren't related
What is a limited palatte?
A copy of life on a 2D surface, normally drawn in pencil
What is rendering?
When you're looking from below of an object, below it
What is an ant's eye view?
an object with volume
What is?
where the clay has no moisture, it's ready to fire
What is green ware?
unity, balance, emphasis, contrast, rhythm
Name the principles of design
NEVER dead center, upper or lower halves
Where should the horizon line be placed in a composition?
2/3 positive space
how much space should be occupied in any composition?
the 5th and 6th lines move the eye through the composition
Explain about diagonal line movement?
leather hard, greenware, bisque, glaze
Name the four stages of drying/firing in order
not an outline, the outter most boundry around any inside/outside form
What is contour?
using a common measurement or negative space
Name a sighting or drawing technique
Red, yellow, blue
Name the three primary colors
where you allow sections to extend off the page
What is open composition?
depth, and illusion of space
What does overlapping create in a composition?
by mixing complimentary colors
How do you make browns and earth tones?

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