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Art Vocab


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Triad color scheme
3 colors that are equidistant from other an the color wheel
Neutral colors
gray, mixing 2 complimentary
Split Complimentary scheme
the 2 colors on ether side of its compliment
Primary colors
red, yellow, blue, there are no range of colors that can be mixed to get these colors
Secondary colors
orange, violet, and green, mixing 2 primary color together
Complimentary color scheme
Only a pair of complimentary colors, and their tint and shades
Color wheel
red, yellow, blue, green and violet
Analogous colors scheme
3 colors that right next to each other
Cold color Scheme
Cold or calming feeling
Monochromatic color scheme
Only one color
mix black with any color from the color wheel
mix white with any color from the color wheel
Complimentary colors
colors that are directly across from each other from the color wheel
Warm color scheme
warmth and brightness
Name of a color, ex. red, blue, green
Tertiary colors
Yellow-green, blue-violet, red-violet, and yellow-orange, mix primary and secondary together

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