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Art Terminology Knowledge


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one-point perspective
lines drawn to a single vanishing point
vanishing point
the point on the horizon line at which lines or edges that are parallel appear to converge
What are the Secondary Colors?
Green, Purple, Orange
What is Positive Space?
Spaces that are occupied by the main subject of the work
What are the Primary Colors?
Red. Blue, Yellow
What is Color Harmony?
A pleasing arrangement of color
What are Complementary colors?
two colors that are directly opposite each other on the color wheel
diagonal lines
lines drawn at an angle
a line that travels left to right
horizon line
the line where the earth meets the sky
lines that are drawn to the vanishing point
linear perspective
a technique for representing 3D spaceon a flat surface
a line that travels up and down
two-point perspective
lines drawn to two vanishing points; drawn at an angle
What is Analgous colors?
three colors that are side by side on the color wheel
What is Negative Space?
Spaces that around and behind the postive spaces
What are Tertiary Colors?
Colors formed by mixing primary and secondary colors.

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