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Word of The Day


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Palisades (Pal in the Shade)
A fortification of timbersset in the ground; an extended cliff
Patriarch (Pastry Art)
The leader of a family or tribe
Nettle (Settle)
To irritate or bother
Torrid (Poor Ed)
Intensly hot; Burning
Mottle (Bottle)
To mark with spots or blotches of different shades or colors
Maladroit (Draw it)
Parable (Pair of Bulls)
A simple story illustrating a moral
Pinguid (Penguin)
Fat; oily
Fusillade (Fuselage)
A rapid outburst
Bolk (Walk)
To step short and refuse toproceed
Curb (Herb)
To check or control
Fetter (Feather)
To restrain; to hamper
A desire to harm others
A vague feeling of bodily discomfort
Paradigm (Pair of Dimes)
A pattern that seruesasa mold or example
Dishevel (Shovel)
To make untidy: to dissarange the hair or clothing
Cascade (Lemonade)
A waterfall; anything resembling a waterfall
Torpid (Torpedo)
Unactive: Dormaant
Prattle (Rattle)
To babble, to talk meaninglessly
Bad odor

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