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Beg. Art Chapter One Review


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How something feels or looks as it would feel on its surface...
The lightness or darkness of something is...
The most important part of a work of art is...
The basic visual symbols in the language of art is...
elements of art
Describe a form.
three-dimensional and encloses space, has length, width and depth
Emptiness or the area between, around or within objects.
visual images that represent something else...
What is a medium?
material used to make a work of art
Describe a line.
Continuous mark made by a moving, pointed tool (pencil)
What are the "principles of art"?
the rules or guidelines of the language of art
Describe color.
derived from light; has hue, value, and intensity
What is the subject of a work of art?
Part of the artwork that is easily recognized, what is represented
Describe shape.
two-dimensional, encloses space, has only length and width
Name the 7 principles of desighn.
rythm, movement, balance, proportion, variety, emphasis, unity
Name the 6 elements of art.
line, shape, form, space, value, color, texture
A drawing that captures movement is...
gesture drawing
A line that cahnges direction gradually...
curved line
A line that stands straight up and down...
vertical line
What is a zigzag line and what does it express?
a line that is a combination of diagonal lines that chages direction suddenly; activeness, active
What is static? Give examples of a static line..
inactive, at rest; horizontal and vertical lines
What is a contour line?
line that defines the edges and surface rdges of an object
Beautiful handwriting..
What is crosshatching?
Lines that cross each other to create shading
Refers to to the lightness or darkness of somthing?
What means moving or not at rest? Give examples of this..
active; zigzag, diagonal, and curved lines
What are horizontal lines and what do they express?
parallel to the horizon; imply inactiveness, static
What are implied lines?
a series of points the viewer's eyes connect, is not a real line
Lines that slant and look as if they are rising and falling...
diagonal lines
What is a dimension?
The amount of space an object takes up in one direction
Where is a color's complement located?
the other side of the color wheel
What are pigments?
finely ground colored powders used in artist's colors
What concerns with the lightness or dullness of a color?
What do you do when you add black to a color?
Brightness or dullness of a HUE is...
Plans for organizing colors are...
color schemes
What are analogus colors?
colors right next to each other on the color wheel and have a color in common (blue green and blue)
What kind of colors tend to move towards the viewer? Give examples of color...
warm; red, orange, and yellow
What is a monochromatic color scheme?
uses tints and shades of one color
Colors such as blue, green, and violet tend to move away from the viewers eye they are called...
cool colors
What is a hue?
name of a spectral color
What do you do when you want to tint a color?
add white
What is a color wheel?
color spectrum bent into a circle
Name three secondary colors
green orange and violet
Red, orange and yellow are...
primary colors
What is the source of all color?
Red-orange and blue-green are what kind of colors?
intermediate colors
What does black do?
reflects no light and absorbs all color waves
True or False...rough texture reflects light unevenly.
True or False...words that describe textures usually have a reference to the objects color.
True or False...texture is an imporant part of any media artists use to express their ideas.
True or False...when creating visual textures, the artist has fooled our eyes in a sense to help describe the character of things their work of art and to create an air of realism.
What does a shiny surface do?
reflects so much bright light it seems to glow
A matte surface...
reflects a soft, dull light
What kind of surface reflects light unevenly?
What is a real texture?
things that are actually seen and touched
What is the definiton of texture?
element that refers to how things feel or how they look as if they might feel on the surface
What are the four types of printmaking?
blockprinting, intagilo, lithograph, silkscreen
What are the four basic cutting tools used for linoleum?
knife-blade, liner, v-gage, u-gage
What does "pulling the print" mean?
pulling the lineolum copy away from the paper
What is a brayer?
ink roller used to spread ink in printmaking
What areas are carved away?
Who invented the printing press?
What are the steps necessary to create a block print?
draw design, transfer to lineolium block, carve away white areas, apply ink, transfer to paper, apply pressure, pull print

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