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Paradigm Pyramid
A pattern that serves as a model or example
Malaise Mayonaise
a vauge feeling of bodily discomfort, as at the beginnig of illness
Curb Learn
to control or check
Prattle Rattle
To babble; to talk meaninglessly
Dishevel Shovel
to make untidy; to dissarange the hair or clothing of
Pinguid Penguins
Fat; Oily
Maladroit Maid
Clumsy; Inept
Cascade Lemonade
A waterfall; anything resembling a waterfall
Palisade Pal In The Shade
A fortification of timbers set in the ground; an extended cliff
Mottle Bottle
to mark with spots or blotches of different colors
Nettle Settle
to irrittate; vex
Balk Walk
To stop short and refuse to proceed
Malador Bad odor
a bad odor
Fusillade Fuselage
A rapid outburst or barrage
Torpid Torpedoes
dormant; inactive; lathargic
Torrid Poor Ed
intensley hot; burning; passionate; rapid
Parable Pair of Bulls
A simple story illustrating a morale or religious lesson
Fetter Letter
to restrain; to hamper
Patriarch Pastry Art
The leader of a family or tribe
Malice Alice
A desirior intent to harm others or to see them suffer

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