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LHHS OCAD Art Basic #1


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What is the most basic element of art? What are the different types of this element?
Line; implied, solid
Horizontal lines create which emotion?
They suggest a feeling of peace.
Organic shapes are called that 'organic' because ____.
They are irregular.
Bas reliefs are sculptures that ____.
Project slightly.
What is hue?
The name of the color.
Lightness and darkness is expressed by what term?
What is visual texture?
Illusion of the texured surface.
What are the types of balance?
Symmetrical balance, approximate symmetry, Asymmetrical balance.
What is the golden mean, and by whom was it developed?
It was developed by the Greeks. 3:5 is the ratio.
How do artists create a sense of unity?
They use proximity, similar of colors.
What do artists use to create the illusion of three dimensionality?
Hatching, Crosshatching
What do artists use to bind paints?
Egg yolks, oil, wax
What are the advantages of using oil paints?
Easily mixed, layered, allows a painter to work on an artwork for a long time.
What is the most common type of prints?
Screen Prints.
Pottery that is made on a potter's wheel is ____.

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