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Art Watercolor 1,2,3


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1.Watercolor paint is transparent.
2.Reserve all white areas (light highlights),leave paper unpainted
3. Always paint light colors (values)to
dark colors.
Whats the 1,2,3 of water colors?
Whats the two ways that watercolors
come in?
Cake and Tube
Describe cake form
What are the pluses of cake paint?
Lends itself to a large surface area.
Less expensive
What are the Drawbacks of cake paint?
Colors inconsistent (between sets).
Will waste more paint.
Discribe TUBE paint.
What are the PLUSES of TUBE paint ?
You have more control when mixing.
Colors are very consistent.
Use less paint.
Color pigment usualluy is more pure.
What are the MINUSES of TUBE paint?
Smaller surface area.
Cost,single tube $12.00.
What are the two types of watercolor
Hot Press
Cold Press
What are the Pluses of Hot Press?
Smoother textures
wrinkles less
What are the Minuses of Hot Press?
More expensive
less durable
What are the Pluses of Cold Press?
More texture (range)
More durable
What are the Minuses of Cold Press?
Wrinkles more
How is Cold Press paper sized?
Put wet paper on top of dry paper and put a dry piece of paper on top.Put weight on it. It takes three days.
What is the size of the paper?

How many sheets of paper in a Ream?
The size is 22x40.

500 sheets in a Ream.
Lightest weight?

Heaviest weight?

3oo# (heavy)
about $1.50 a sheet for common paper.

Thicker the paper the higher the cost.
What are the five watercolor techniques?
Even Wash
Graded Wash
Streaked Wash
Wet on Wet
Dry Brushing
Evan Wash
Value of color is consistant.
Graded Wash
Transision of color value-Dark-Light
Use tip & body of brush for first strokes then gradually use back end of brush by stick.
Streaked Wash
Streaks of color- value goes Dark-light.
Wet on Wet
Soft edges
Any stroke
Dot of color
Dry Brushing
Visual texture
Directional lines finish detail.
Fan brush out & paint accross first
layer of color.
How is a Soft Edge determened?
A Soft Edge is determened by how you stroke the paint or (use the brush)

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