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Art appreciation


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medium (plural media)
a particular material, along with its accompanying technique
mixed media
Art made with a combination of different materials
the arts
music, dance, theater, literature and the visual arts.
to be aware
to be concious, to know something
to perceive
to become aware through the senses, particularly through sight or hearing, and to understand through that awarness
an awareness of beauty or to that quality in a work of art or other man made or natural form which evokes a sense of elevated awareness in the viewer
untrained artist/ naive or outsider artist
people who are largely unaware of art history or the art trends and fashions of their time. it is a personal expression created apart from any conventional practice or style. ex: Sanford Darling (widowed) painted his whole house and furniture. Sabatino Rodia built "Watt Towers" or Nuestro Pueblo (our people)
Untrained AND folk artist
those with little or no formal art education who make objects commonly recognized as art
Folk artist
people working within a tradition
folk art
applies to art by artist who are part of established traditions of style, theme, and craftsmanship
representational, abstract, and nonrepresentational (or nonobjective)
describe an artwork's relationship to the physical world
representational art (objective or figurative art)
depicts the appearance of things
objects that representational art depicts
can mean either 1. works of art that have no reference at all to natural objects 2. works that depict natural objects in simplified, distorted or exaggerated ways.
refers to the total effect of the combined visual qualities within a work, including such components as materials, colors, shape, line and design.
refers to the message or meaning of the work of art- what the artist expresses or communicates to the viewer
Content and form
content determines form and is expressed through it; thus the two are inseperable
is the symbolic meaning of signs and subjects. The identification and specific meanings of significant subjects, motifs, forms, colors, and positions are the central concern of iconographic interpretation
organic shapes
are irregular, often curving or rounded, and seem relaxed and more informal than geometric shapes. most shapes in nature are organic
a path of action- records of the energy left by moving points. "lines" are actually linear forms in which length dominates over width.
is used to refer to the expanse within the outline of a two dimensional area or within the outer boundaries of a three-dimensional object.
implied lines
suggest visual connections and can serve as an underlying organizational structure.
geommetric shape
circles, triangles, and squares- tend to be percise and regular.

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