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Art Vocab exam art vocab


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The area on any surface which reflects the most light
Careful hand-lettering, handwriting, or the decorative art of lettering in an ornamental style using brushes or pens.
Geometric Shape
The area enclosed by an outline. Can be indicated by line or color. Not natural (square, rectangle, etc.)
Sensory properties
What? Also called the elements of design. These properties are line, shape, color, texture, and the positive and negative space.
Analogous colors
Any two or more colors that are next to each other on the color wheel and are closely related. For example, blue, blue-green, and green all have the color blue in common.
Reflected Light
The color perceived from an object, determined by the wavelength of the light leaving its surface
Complementary colors
Colors that are directly opposite each other on the color wheel, such as red and green, blue and orange, and violet and yellow. When complements are mixed together they form the neutral colors of brown or gray.
An Islamic place of worship.
Tertiary colors
produced by mixing unequal amounts of two primary colors. These colors are located between the primary and secondary colors on a color wheel.
Pleasing relationship of all parts to each other and to the whole design.
Use of line, color, or a motif in more than one place in a composition.
Negative space
Empty space in an artwork, a void.
Primary colors
The colors yellow, red (magenta), and blue (cyan) from which it is possible to mix all the other colors of the spectrum
One-point perspective
A form of linear perspective in which all lines (describing straight edges that go from points nearer to points farther) appear to meet at a single point on the horizon.
Fetish figure
Materialistic worship figure.
when one side of a composition does not reflect the design of the other.
Bas relief
wall carvings that have some sort of depth. (Mesopatamia)
The gradual change of lightness or darkness, white to black, used to suggest roundness or depth.
The equilibrium of various elements in a work of art. It can be symmetrical or asymmetrical.
Shading using lines with pencil. This way/that way.
Expressive properties
Why? Sensory/technical properties often work together to express a feeling or idea.
A stepped pyramid-shaped tower. (Mesopatamia)
Agreement; accord. A union or blend of aesthetically compatible components.
The plan, placement or arrangement of the elements of art in a work. It is often useful to discuss these in reference to the principles of design, as well as to the relative weight of the composition's parts.
Surface treatment ranging from very smooth to quite rough. It can be real or implied.
Differences between the elements of art: texture, color, value, line.
Organic Shape
The area enclosed by an outline. Can be indicated by line or color. Either amorphous (without clarity) or bio-morphic (living or dead)
Positive space
Space in an artwork that is positive. Filled with something, such as lines, designs, color, or shapes.
Repeated use of similar elements such as color, line, or shape. The smooth transition from one part to another.
The name of any color as found in its pure state in the spectrum or rainbow, or that aspect of any color.
A system of writing using symbols or pictures (hieroglyphs) used by the ancient Egyptians.
Technical properties
How? The materials and techniques chosen by the artist to help define the expressive characteristics of a work of art
The wedge-shaped depressions made by the ancient Mesopotamians in clay in order to inscribe the characters of their written language.
Secondary colors
The colors obtained by mixing equal amounts of two primary colors.
Contour lines
Lines that surround and define the edges of a subject, giving it shape and volume.
The parts of an image or object organized so that one side duplicates, or mirrors, the other.
Color triad
Hues on color wheel that form equilateral triangle
A painting, drawing, or print in one color, including that color's tints and shades.

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