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Art-Final Exam


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Pablo Picasso was born:
Rembrandt was born in;
Dutch painter
Rembrandt was a :
style identified by the following unique characteristics; elongation of the human form, awkward twisted poses, excitement/a sense of agitation
the mannerism was:
The Potato Eaters 1885
one of Van Gogh's most famous paintings:
chief symbol of expression
Van Gogh for whom color was the:
was born in france in 1869
Henri Matisse
Van Gogh died in:
the influence of the Impressionist
The large canvas La Desserte showed:
were mostly of fruit and flowers
Dutch paintings
The great Palace Louis XIV built:
1973 at the age of 92
Picasso died in :
an artistic movement in the 20th century in which subjext matter is broken up and reassembled in abstract, sometimes geoometric form, often as if viewed from different angles
strong contrasts of light and shadow, night scenes
tenebrist style
New York City 1912
Matisse first sculpted:
Sunflower Paintings
Van Gogh's paintings of what flower have become nearly synonymous with the artists name and techniques.
Matisse died
classicism, naturalism, high baroque
High Baroque Style represented three stylistic trends:
self portraits
Rembrandt was famous for painting many :
an artist from the artistic movement or style of painting called Impressionism, brushstrokes of bright colors used to show effects of reflectedf light
the range of colors characteristic of an artists work
Picasso exclusively paints in blues and greens
after Picasso's friend cfommitted suicide:
1853 in Holland/Netherlands
Vincent Van Gogh was born in:
The Red Room
in 1908 Matisse painted
the appearance of objexts in a painting or drawing that shows their distance from the observer
The Night Watch
One of Rembrandt's most famous paintings was :
a dove created by Picasso as an official symbol of the peace movement
The 1949 World Peace Conference adopted :
a graphic technique in which a metal plate is engraved, coated with ink and then printing with a press
the materials an artists used to create a piece of work OR the method an artists used to create the work
Dutch painter and etcher
Rembrandt was a:

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