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AD Art Basics


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Who created ice sculptures?
Andy Goldsworthy
Pastels were popularized when?
1700s by Edgar Degas
What does a short, jagged line evoke?
tension, activity, chaos
Name the elements of art.
Line, shape/form, space, color, texture, perspective
What is implied line?
a seroes of dots the eye connects to create a line
What is a fresco?
Earliest form of painting on plaster
Found in Pompeii, renaissance
Differentiate between what geometric and organic shapes/forms convey.
Geometric - order/stability

Organic - movement, rhythm
What is soft sculpture?
Sew woven fiber to make form and stuff
What does a horizontal line evoke?
tranquility, stability, peace
Who was Robert Smithson?
Made spiral in Great Salt Lake from rock/algae water
What are the elements of art also called?
sensory properties
Paintbrushes can be made from what?
Rabbit, camel hair; synthetic
What does a diagonal line evoke?
movement, action, excitement
What is texture?
How objects in art would feel if touched
What does a vertical line evoke?
strength, boldness against gravity and nature
What is a hue?
Name of a color
What is line?
the moving path of a point
Discuss relief.
Surface cut away, ink rolled with brayer, pressed with burnisher
Differentiate between a shape and a form.
Shape - 2D, Form - 3D
Define scale.
Relative sizes of parts to whole
In linear perspective lines converge where?
vanishing points (either 1 or 2)
Define value.
Variations of black and white w/ all grays
What is perspective?
illusion of depth
(showing a 3D scene on a 2D surface)
What is optical color?
Appearance under a variety of lighting
What is the visible border of an object?
What are the neutrals?
Black and white
Differentiate between the feeling evoked by open and closed spaces.
Closed - stability, solidity
Open - lighter, airy
(windowless room VS meadow)
Discuss glass.
Middle east, 3rd millennium BC
Made of silica(sand, flint, quartz)
What are the two kinds of space and the difference between them?
positive - definite objects (figure) make up this area

negative - aka ground, area around figure
Discuss drawing.
1st process in creating larger work
most common, primarily uses line
Name the types of relief in order of their projection.
high - alot
low - aka bas, slightly
Riliveo schiacciato - barely
What is balance?
Distribution of visual weight
What is space?
organization of objects and the area surrounding them
What are tertiary colors?
Mixture of primary and secondary (6)
Name the methods of creating perspective.
1. shading/highlighting
2. placement of objects on the picture plance
3. overlapping
What is local color?
Appearance under normal lighting
What is a point where lines converge into the horizon?
vanishing point
Name two solvents.
What is aerial perspective? Which is also known as _____?
perspective which takes into account how air(smoke, fog) affects appearance from distance; atmospheric perspective
What is chiaroscuro?
Dramatic contrast of light and dark
Differentiate between organic and geometric (shapes/forms).
Geometric - mathematical constructions (square)
Organic - unpredictable boundaries (freeform)
Define intensity.
Brightness or purity of a color
What does a long, curved line evoke?
emotional restraint and controlled calm
How is brown made?
Mixing equal amt. of complements
Unity is concerned with what 3 elements?
Proximity, similarity, continuity
Discuss proportion in life.
Created by Greeks 2500 yrs ago. Golden mean - 3:5(used during Ren. Also)
Humans are 7 ½ heads
What the drawing mediums?
Pencil, charcoal, pen/ink, crayon, felt-tip pen
Hard = thin line, Pressure=value
Undiluted ink is _____; diluted is _____.
Opaque; translucent
Discuss lithography.
Image drawn w/ waxy pencil/crayon onto plate(stone, copper, aluminum)
Watered, inked. ink stays on oil
What is a spray used to prevent smearing?
Name the 2D processes.
Drawing, painting, printmaking, photography
What is isometric perspective?
distant objects lean toward one or more vanishing points not in the painting
What are the types of balance?
Symmetrical, asymmetrical, approximate, radial
What is arbitrary color?
Color used for emotion
What are secondary colors?
Mixture of primary colors (3)
What are the principles of composition? There are also known as ______.
Means of organizing the elements; formal properties
(rhythm, balance, contrast, emphasis, variety, proportion, unity)
What are the primary colors?
red, blue, yellow
How does an artist create movement?
Discuss gouache.
Like watercolor but opaque
Discuss tempera.
Used widely before Ren, uses egg as binder
Water-based, quick dry, brilliant color
Discuss screen.
Image transferred to stretched fabric, ink forced thru w/ squeegee
Name the printmaking techniques.
Intaglio, relief, screen, lithography
Discuss intaglio.
Lines incised (engraving) , ink laid into groves
Can also be engraved in wax/copper (etching) then put in acid
Discuss pottery.
Natural materials: pinch, coil, slab (glued w/ slip)
Thrown - made with potters whole , fired in kiln
Discuss jewelry.
Pounded , shaped, cut from metal or lost wax casting
Wood was used by whom?
Northwest Coast Indians
Antonio Gaudi did what?
Spain, create organic buildings of cut stones
Who was Christo?
Surrounded objects w/ fabric
islands in FL - pink mesh
Pont Neuf - plastic

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