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Art chapter 10


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bilateral symmetry
two sides are identical
visual weight
attraction that elements in a work of art have for the viewer's eyes; affected by weight, size, contour, intensity of colors, contrast in value, texture, and position.
visual balance
viewer feels that the elements have been arranged in a satisfying way
radial balance
occurs in nature; the forces or elements of a design seem to come out from a central point
type of balance in which two halves of a symetrically balanced coomposition are identical; mirror images
formal balance
equal or similar elements are placed on opposite sides of a central axis
another name for informal balance, in which unlike objects have equal visual weight or eye atttraction
apporximate balance
two sides are similiar with small differences
infomal balance
less planned than formal; involves a balance of unlike objects
Principle of desiagn that deals with arranging the visual elements in a work of art equally

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