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Western Art II 3


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Large Odalsque
Ingres. Romanticism.
The Hay Wain
Constable. Romanticism.
The Slave Ship
Turner. Romanticism.
term: odalisque
A concubine, sex slave to a sultan or other important figure.
term: picturesque
Ideal, landscape that relays an ideal
Garnier. French Academic. Paris, France.
A Burial at Ornans
Courbet. Realism.
The Horse Fair
Bonheur. Realism.
The Luncheon on the Grass
Manet. Realism.
Manet. Realism.
Impression: Sunrise
Monet. Impressionism.
Moulin de la Galette
Renoir. Impressionism.
On the Balcony
Merisot. Impressionism.
In the Loge
Cassatt. Impressionism.
The Rehearsal on Stage
Degas. Impressionism.
Paris Street, Rainy Day
Cailebotte. Impressionism.
A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte
Senrat. Post Impressionism.
The Starry Night
Van Gogh. Post Impressionism.
The Scream
Munch. Post Impressionism.
Mont Sainte-Victoire
Cezanne. Post Impressionism.
Les Demoiselles D\'Avignon (Young Ladies of Avignon)
Picasso. Cubism.
Violin and Palette
Braque. Analytic Cubism.
Glass and Bottle of Suze
Picasso. Synthetic Cubism.
The Large Blue Horses
Marc. Expressionism.
Unique Forms of Continuity in Space
Boccioni. Futurism.
Torso of a Young Man
Brancusi. Modern Sculpture.
Suprematist Painting (Eight Red Rectangles)
Malevich. Suprematism.
Composition with Yellow, Red, and Blue, 1927

Mondrian. Rationalism.
Duchamp. Dadaism.
Object (Luncheon in Fur)
Oppenheim. Surrealism.
Migrant Mother, Nipomo, California
Lange. Modern Art.
American Gothic
Wood. Regionalism.
Autumn Rhythm (Number 30)
Pollock. Abstract Expressionism
Woman I
De Kooning. Abstract Expressionism.
Lavender and Mulberry
Rothko. Color Field painting.
Rauschenberg. Assemblage.
Leap Into The Void
Klein. Happenings/Performance Art.
Just What Is It That Makes Today\'s Homes So Different, So Appealing?
Hamilton. Pop Art.
Marilyn Diptych
Warhol. Pop Art.
Judd. Minimalism.
How To Explain Pictures to a Dead Hare
Beuys. Conceptualism.
The Dinner Party
Chicago. Feminism.
The Liberation of Aunt Jemima
Saar. Feminism.
term: Haussmannization
The remodeling of Paris\'s streets to widen them, subsequently forcing the poor to other parts of the city.
term: avant-garde
New, experimental, or radical in nature
term: Realism
Works depicting the social realities of life.
term: Impressionism
Really loose, messy style - further back you go, the clearer the image becomes.
term: en plein air
Painting outside, in the elements.
term: Post-Impressionism
The paintings influenced by the Impressionist movement, after it.
term: pointillism/divisionism
small, repeated dabs of paint that blend together
term: impasto
Thick building of paint
term: Japonisme
More easily accessible Eastern prints influencing Western art.
term: architectonic
Resembles spacial construction of a building, paint style rather than realistic portrayal, streamlined instead.
term: Fauvism
Deliberately using jarring colors that are not picked from life
The Woman With the Hat
Matisse. Fauvism.
term: Analytic Cubism
Break objects into parts to analyze them. Picking things apart and rearranging component parts.
term: Synthetic Cubism
Complex compositions by combining and transforming individual elements.
term: collage
Glued paper elements together on one surface

term: Expressionism
Movement away from forms and towards more free forms and colors
term: Futurism
Embracing a masculine, futuristic world with the energy and power of urban life.
term: Suprematism
\"Freedom from the burden of the object.\" Simple and yet expressive.
term: Dada
A movement in response to World War I, questioning the nature of art itself and trying to deliberately confuse the viewer.
term: readymade
Pieces made from found objects, hardly altered, just assembled together.
term: Rationalism
A higher, rational beauty than subjective sensual beauty. Elimination of everything subjective or sensual.
term: Surrealism
Exploration of subconscious and exploring of new imageries
term: Federal Art Project
Part of the Great Depression relief programs, artists were commissioned by the government to document the Depression.
term: Regionalism
Mainly Midwest based, embodies American Values. Focus on the Great Depression since it hit them hard.
term: Abstract Expressionism
Expressionism completely free of figurative elements
term: Color Field
Nothing representational. Bring out emotion and subconscious with pure color
term: Assemblage/combines
Combinations of various materials and mediums, usually paintings and sculptures
term: Happenings/Performance art
Art made with the actions and movements of one\'s bodies rather than traditional materials.
term: installations
Large pieces of artwork set up in a specific location
term: Pop Art
Art centering around popular culture, mass production and commercialism
term: Minimalism
Focus on extremely simple shapes, but not necessarily concepts
term: Conceptualism
Dealing with specific new concepts
term: Feminist Art
Closely tied to Feminist movement, focusing on the lack of prominent women in the art world and on women\'s issues
term: appropriation
Taking from other artworks and altering or incorporating into a new work
term: Earthworks
Pieces made as part of the land itself, usually site specific
Spiral Jetty
Smithson. Earthwork.
Tilted Arc
Serra. Postmodernism.
Piss Christ
Serrano. Postmodernis,.
term: Postmodernism
Stuff that is past the modernism movement.
term: National Endowment for the Arts (NEA)
A federal grant program to fund artist\'s projects

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