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Western Art II 1


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Double Portrait of a Giovanni Arnolfini and his Wife
Jan van Eyck. 1434. oil on wood panel. Signature in background; legal document?; symbols of wealth
February, Life in the Country
Limbourg Brothers. 1411-1416. Colors on ink and parchment.

Book of Hours, atmospheric perspective, intuitive perspective

Unicorn is Found at the Fountain
1495-1505. Wool, silk, and silver.
Merode Altarpiece
Workshop of the Master of Flemalle. c 1425-1430s. Oil on wood panel.

Triptych, typical Renaissance home, patrons, annunciation scene

term: intuitive perspective
Creating perspective via size of the figures
term: atmospheric perspective
Fading colors to create a sense of perspective
altarpiece: tiptych
two-piece altarpiece
altarpiece: triptych
three-piece altarpiece
altarpiece: polyptych
many-pieced altarpiece
altarpiece: wings
Moveable pieces on the outside
altarpiece: predella
The piece right below the altarpiece
term: oil painting
A new medium, started popularity in northern Europe. Paint based in oils.
term: patron
Pays for the artwork
term: Book of Hours
A book full of prayers and daily readings for devotions, along with a calendar of holy days.
Rogier Van der Weyden. 1443 or 1435-1438. Oil on wood panel.

Intense details and emotions.

A Goldsmith in his Shop
Petrus Christus, 1449. Oil on oak panel.

Inspiration from Jan van Eyck.

Portinari Altarpiece
Hugo van der Goes. 1474-1476. Tempera and oil.

Saint Margaret. Nativity. Symbolism.

The Buxheim St. Christopher
Mid 15th century. Hand colored woodcut.


Demons Tormenting St. Anthony
Martin Schongaur. 1480-1490. Engraving.
term: woodcut
A technique carving away at a block of wood, leaving lines to use like a stamp
term: engraving
Cutting lines into metal to press onto paper.
Dome of Florence Cathedral (Santa Maria del Fiore)
Fillippo Brunelleschi. 1420-1436. Lantern completed in 1471.
Palazzo Medici-Riccardi
Michelozzo di Bartolomeo. 1446.
Sacrifice of Issac
A. Filippo Brunelleschi. 1401-1402.

B. Lorenzo Ghiberti. 1401-1402.

Donatello. 1446-1460.

Was probably in the Medici palace.

term: Medici
A powerful Florentine family. Coat of arms is red dots on a yellow shield.
term: oculus
The opening at the top of a dome
term: drum
The thick support around the base of a dome
term: rustication
Technique of creating artificial rugged texture
Gates of Paradise (East Doors)
Lorenzo Ghiberti. 1425-1452. Baptistry, Florence.
Jacob and Esau
Lorenzo Ghiberti. 1435. Panel on the Gates of Paradise.
Trinity with the Virgin, St John the Evangelist, and Donors
Masaccio. 1425-1427. Fresco. Linear perspective.
Cassone for the Morelli-Nerli marriage
Sellaio, d'Antonio, Domenico. 1472. Tempera and gold on wood.

term: linear perspective
carefully calculated orthoganal lines to create a sense of perspective with the background architecture
term: orthagonal
Straight imaginary lines that meet at a fixed point in linear perspective
term: vanishing point
The point in an image where all the orthoganal lines mee
term: giornate
A section of fresco painted in a single day.
term: cassone
A wooden chest given to a newly married couple, made to carry the wife's belongings.
Studiolo of Frederico da Montefeltro
Giuliano da Maiano. 1476. Ducal Palace, Urbino, Italy. Wood decoration makes cupboards look very full.
Battista Sforza and Frederico da Montefeltro
Piero della Francesca. 1474. Oil painting. Note the symbolism in backgrounds and in clothing.
Camera Picta
Andrea Mantegna. 1465-1474. Ducal Palace, Mantua, Italy. Fresco.
Sandro Botticelli. 1482. Tempera. Roman gods, Chloris turning into Flora. 190 different plants painted, 138 identified.
term: trompe-l\'oeil
literally \"fool the eye,\" illusionary effects made with linear perspective and foreshortening
term: intarsia
wood inlay decoration
term: studiolo
A room for private conversation and the owner\'s collection of fine books and art
The Last Supper
Leonardo da Vinci. 1495-1498. Santa Maria delle Grazie, Milan, Italy. Tempera and oil on plaster. In terrible condition due to the experiments Leo did with mixing the paints. In the refectory of the monastery.
Mona Lisa
Leonardo da Vinci. 1503-1506. Oil painting. Woman is portrayed as simple, without jewelry, and with a fantastic landscape background.
The School of Athens
Raphael. 1510-1511. Stanza della Segnatura, Vatican, Rome. Self portrait of Raphael in the corner. Painted while Michelangelo was working on the Sistine Chapel ceiling; probably borrowed some techniques, or at least paint.
Michelangelo. 1500. St. Peter\'s, Vatican, Rome. Marble. Tomb monument.
Michelangelo\'s David
1501-1504. Marble. Originally meant for the top of a buttress on the Florence cathedral, hence the derpy proportions.
term: chiaroscuro
Technique used to enhance the lights and darks, creating more dramatic and contrasting lighting and helps model the three dimensional forms.
term: sfumato
\"smoky,\" subtle transitions between light and dark shading, as if seen through smoke or fog
term: Giorgio Vasari
Wrote the first book on prominent Renaissance artists, is where we get most of our info on who was big at the time.
Sistine Chapel Ceiling
Michelangelo. 1508-1512. Vatican, Rome. Michelangelo considered himself a sculptor, not a painter, but did it anyway, because he can fucking do what he wants, Thor.
Creation of Adam
Michelangelo. 1511-1512. Sistine Chapel Ceiling, Vatican, Rome. Fresco. Depicts God creating Adam or some shit. Eve\'s peeking out from behind God all like, \"Oh /God/, do I have to marry THAT?\" and God is like \"YES YOU DO NOW WAIT YOUR TURN\"
Joseph and Potiphar\'s Wife
Properzia de\' Rossi. 1525-1526. Cathedral of San Petronio, Bologna, Italy. ... Seriously? The best known female artist we have from the time period, and her stuff\'s from FUCKING BOLOGNA? And it\'s to deal with a ~breakup~?!?! That\'s some gender-enforced bullshit, yo.
\"Venus\" Of Urbino
Titian. 1538. Oil painting. Given to the duke of Urbino, because he wanted some of that hot ass. No, they can pretend it\'s about marriage and giving yourself to your husband all they want. No, they just wanted fancy expensive porn.
Pontormo. Altarpiece in Capponi Chapel, Santa Felicia, Florence. 1525-1528. Oil and tempera. So like, he painted in Mannerist style, which apparently meant everyone wore bright pastel colors and looked really funky I guess Mary is in here or some shit, like usual. J-Chrizzle looks pretty funny.
Sofonisba Anguissola. 1552. Oil painting. Sofonisba\'s father got her a critique from ~Michelangelo~ himself, which was apparently a big deal or something, cause Michelangelo does what he fuckin\' wants.
Saltcellar of King Francis I of France
Benvenuto Cellini. 1540-1543. Gold and enamel, and the absolutely gaudiest piece of shit I\'ve ever seen since that stupid reliquary fad in the 9th century.
Last Judgement
Michelangelo. 1536-1541. Fresco. Sistine Chapel wall, Vatican, Rome. After Michelangelo finally kicked the bucket, clergy got an artist named Daniele da Volterra to put some drapery over all those naughty naked bits.
term: Mannerism
An anti-Classical movement where artificiality, grace, and movement took priority over realistic detail. In other words, they were like \"Suck my dick, you classical uptight fucks. Nobody wants to see a pinpoint accurate rendering of J-Chrizzle\'s chest hairs anymore.\"

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