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USAD Art 06-07


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What does "Yungang" mean and where were these caves located?
means "cloud ridge" these were in Shanxi
What dynasty was responsible for the creation of the Yungang caves?
Northern Wei; first caves betweem 460 adn 465 AD
How many caves are in Yungang?
What is characteristic of the Bhuddas in Yungang?
They are very long and elegant-influenced by Chinese painting
What dynasty created the Longmen caves?
By the Northern Wei after their court moved to Luoyang in 494 AD
How are figures presented in the Longmen caves?
stone figures are inside niches
What is the oldest Longmen cave?
What is the second oldest Longmen cave?
What does the Guyang Longmen cave feature?
Sakyamuni on a two-tiered throne, surrounded by bodhisattvas
What is featured in the Binyang Longmen cave?
stylized groupings of Sakyamuni surrounded by bodhisattvas. very 'fanciful'
What three styles are seen in the Yungang caves?
1.flat models, 2. Elegant Chinese painting influence, 3. naturalistic Indian and Central Asian roots
What does "Dunhuang" mean?
"blazing beacon"
Which cave site in China was along the silk road?
The Dunhuang caves
What is a "mudra"?
A hand gesture in a Buddhist sculpture
Which Northern Wei caves are known for housing 5 mammoth Buddhas?
The Yungang
Which cave site, due to its dry location, has well preserved paint colors?
The Dunhuang
What is "Dao"?
The 'universal path'
What are "boddhisattvas"?
one who has achieved enlightenment 'nirvana' but stays back to help others
What is the difference between "bi" and "cong"?
Bi are circular jade and represent heaven, cong are squared and symbolize earth
What were the scholar elite called?
the literati
What was the function of the Dunhuang caves?
Travelers could pray for safe pasage before going on the teh Taklmakan desert. During the Tang it became a garrison site for Chinese armies
Which of the caves was also a center of learning?
The Dunhuang caves, they the Library cave
What are the three primary sites of the Dunhaung caves?
Western Qianfodong caves, Yulin caves and teh Mogao caves
Which of the Dunhuang caves sites is oldest?
Mogao caves, also the most important
How many caves are in the Magao site of the Dunhuang caves?
over 480
What does Mogao mean?
Where is the Qianfodong?
Within the Mogao site. This is not the same as the Western Qianfodong sites
What does "Qianfodong" mean?
"caves of the Thousand Buddhas"
In the Dunhuang caves, what dynasty sponsored the creation of a new lecture hall and 80+ caves?
The Sui Dynasty
What piece of architecture is most "Buddhist"?
The pagoda
Why did Chinese Buddhists prefer Indian garb for their Buddha statues?
it was a sign of devoutness to have their Buddhas more closely associated with the original
How many characters does the Chinese written language have in modern times?
about 50,000
What famous work did Wang Xizhi compose?
The Orchard Pavillion Preface
Who was Wang Xizhi's teacher?
Lady Wei [Wei Shuo]
What form of calligraphy did Buddhist monk Huaisu create?
"crazy draft" script
What quality of the bamboo was admired and desired?
its flexibility
What character did Wang Xizhi supposedly study for 15 years?
"yong" meaning eternal
What style of art is endorsed in Communist China?
Social Realism
What characteristics about the Yuan "Blue and White Dish" reveal that it was made to be sold in foreign markets?
blue was not favored in China but was adored in the middle east, it was larger than domestic use in China, it was decorated with a peacock a design of Middle Eastern influence and it was mass produced in a mold
What family workshop produced the "Ceramic Pillow"?
The Li family

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