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Medieval Art Final


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Santiago de Penalba
Leon, c. 931.
barrel vault, horse-shoe shaped apse.
Spanish Mozarabic
S Miguel de Escalada
Leon, c. 913.
horseshoe arch arcade, curtain for service. capitals with chipcarving
Spanish Mozarabic
Bible of Leon
c. 960. Florencio and Sancho toasting each other. omega page
Spanish Mozarabic
Morgan Beatus
c. 950. Adoration of the Lamb
like wheel, elders with instruments, Islamic
Spanish Mozarabic
Gerona Beatus
c. 975. Crucifixion, Christ in Majesty
Good/Bad on ea side of cross. Longinus, chalice. mandorla, woman illustrator
Spanish Mozarabic
Madrid Beatus
c. 970 Scriptorium and tower of Monastery of Tabara.
Spanish Mozarabic
Beatus of Fernando and Sancha
c. 1047. horsemen on fire-breathing, lion-headed horses. realistic looking. stripes. archaic.
Spanish Mozarabic
Escorial Beatus
end of 10 c. Adam and Eve, frontal
Spanish Mozarabic
St Sever
mid 11c. France,4th angel. sun and moon 1/3 dark
Spanish Mozarabic
Mirror back
1st c. Celtic. asymmetrical. cross-stitching/weaving motif. spirals and trumpets. enamel inlays
Gallarus Oratory
7c. Dingle, Ireland. monks pray. cruck house
St Kevin's Kitchen and Rounded tower. c. 1000.
2 story cruck house church with rectangular roof. towers- viking raids
Sutton Hoo ship burial
c. 630. Celtic. Purse Lid- cloisonne, garden inlays, enamel. bird motifs.
Great Gold Buckle- for relics, zoomorphic forms. strange creatures
Ardagh Chalice
7c. Celtic. cloisonne liturgical object, plain
Tara Brooch
7c. Celtic, interlaced designs. bird/dragon heads. gilded, overlaid ornaments
Bronze plaque from book
late 7c. Celtic. Crucifixion. gilded book cover.
Book of Durrow- Symbol of St Matthew
c. 675. Celtic. man affixed to page, not classical. rigid. doll-like.
Book of Durrow- Carpet page
c. 675. Celtic. magic knots= protection. motifs of spirals and trumpets. cross motif, barely
Book of Durrow- text page
Initium evangelii. c. 675. Celtic. N page. text clearly written. stipling= polka dotting.
St Chad Gospels
7-8c. Lichfield, carpet page.
geometric, beasts contained. spiral motif, not classical. equal energy- like Pollock
Viking animal head from ship
c. 825. prow of boat, areas of diff decor, interlaced animals. checkerboard nose. Celtic?
Lindisfarne Gospels
698. St Matthew. classical position. curtain rod, hidden figure. mediterranean model? Celtic
Codex Amiatinus
590.Celtic. Scribe Ezra restoring the Bible- more classical, same model as Lindisfarne?
Book of Kells, Chi Rho page
c. 800. Celtic decor. tiny motifs. detail- cat and mice= allegory for communion. beautiful calligraphy
Book of Kells- Arrest of Christ
c. 800. Celtic. Byz influence, angels= guards. colors interesting
Book of Kells- Virgin and Child with Angels
c. 800. Celtic. Mary 3/4. interlacing motifs, Byz infl? pose. unusual colors.
Book of Kells- Page from Matthew/ 8 circle cross
c. 800. Celtic text page...
Monasterboice Cross of Muirdach
8c. Celtic. 22ft high. high relief. cable motifs. roundels. crucifixion in center. registers of 3 figs. murder of cain and abel. adam and eve.
Frankish Looped Fibula
6c. Merovingian. silver gilt. eagles head. cloisonne. brooch.
Baptistry of St Jean, Poitiers
7c. gallo-roman structure. made with spolia, terracotta.
Tomb of Bishop Agilbert with Last Judgement
680. Jouarre Abbey. Merovingian. early last judgement. high relief. carving rough like sketch
Homiliary with zoomorphic initials
mid 8c. Merovingian. Q out of 3 fishes. like cloisonne. earth tones.
Sacramentarium Gelasianum
c. 750. Merovingian. frontispiece. late antique and frankish. cross/lamb of god/ alpha and omega. with pearls/gems. difficult to read, errors.
Gellone Sacramentary
c. 760. Merovingian. play on words- Te Igitur. T= crucifixion- Word has become Flesh. messy. ascenders diff directions.
Aachen, Palace Chapel of Charlemagne
805. Carolingian. 16 sides ext. like S Vitale- more geological, less open. westwork. spolia
Lorsch, Torhalle
late 8c. gatehouse. modeled from arch of constantine. parallel westwork. patterns on wall in brick. Carolingian
Oratory of Theodulf
c. 806. Germigny-des-Pres, France. copy of Aachen? 12 columns. slightly horseshoe arches. mosaic- in apse. arc of covenant.iconic. Carolingian
St Riquier of Centula
c. 799. plan- Westwork. beg of west basilica. holy city for 300 monks. close to charlemagne. Carolingian
St Gall
820. Carolingian. perfect plan for monastery. basilica. self-contained community of Benedictine practice.
Corvey Abbey
875. westwork, 2 tower facade. Carolingian
Godescalc Gospels- Fountain of Life
781. Carolingian. Court School/Ada school. boptismal font. peacocks and birds. purple dyed pages. antique border. ref to baptism.
Godescalc Gospels- Christ Blessing
c. 781. Carolingian. interlacing border, not like Celtic. Beardless Christ/large eyes. elong. of torso. more classical.
Godescalc Gospels- St Mark
c. 781. Carolingian. with his lion. holding pen, legs mixed up, contrapposto
St Medard de Soissons Gospels- St MArk
before 814. Ada School. Carolingian. with lion, energetic. curtain behind, arced angel. cameo on top. pearling design
St MEdard de Soissons- Fountain of Life
c. 814. Carolingian. more octagonal font than godescalc.
Ivory Cover of Lorsch Gospels
c. 810. Ada School. Virgin and Child between Zecharias and John the Baptist. not carolingian? HAS to be byzantine. long torso. staring frontal eyes. classical. comp to throne of max. insp by diptychs
Charlemagne's Coronation Gospels- St John.
before 800. purple dyed manuscript. John w/o eagle. in byz. Reims style. impressive trees.
Charlemagne's Coronation Gospels- St Matthew
before 800. purple dyed manuscript. very classical. drapery pulled. no evangelist sign.
Gospel Book of Ebbo- St Matthew
820. Reims school. energetic quality, distorions of facial features. Matthew, winged man, emotional. background- shadow as wall. Carolingian
Gospel Book of Ebbo- Det of St John
c. 820. st john, deviated from classical!
Utrecht Psalter
c. 820. early christian model. infl of english art. school of reims!god sleeping? entirely pen drawings. panoramic. psalm 43-44= battle. psalm 11= christ rising up. Carolingian.
Comparison of Carolingian ivory with 5c. ivory
both st michael. dragon present, linear drapery in Carolingian. 5c= classical.
Lindau Gospels
1st cover 760. interlace, cloisonne. merovingian. 4 evangelists and symbols.
2nd cover- 870. Reims style figs, repousse/gemstudded. crucifixion.
inside cover- carpet page w/ dragons
Reims Gospels
850. Carolingian. St MAtthew. clear borders. landscaping bckgd. emph on use of white.
Corbie Psalter
early 9c. initial M- made by two nuns. zoomorphic initial. B- scribe encircled. picture inside/green, inhabited initial.
Drogo Sacramentary
c. 850. School of Metz. C with ascension of Christ. classical. trellis with vines. Carolingian.
Moutier-Grandval Bible
c. 840. Genesis scenes. School of Tours. narrative. modeled from another. beardless God. Adam and eve and fall. frontispiece. Carolingian
Bible of Count Vivian- Presentation of Bible to Charles the Bald
c. 845. School of Tours. Carolingian. small hand of god, roman clothing. simple border
Bible of Count vivian- Charles teh Bald as King David
c. 845. Carolingian. personif of imperial virtues. harp player
Bible of count Vivian- Christ in Majesty
c. 845. Carolingian. signs of apocalypse on mandorla.
Gospel Book of Lothair
c. 850. School of Tours. Carolingian. Lothair enthroned with two guards. classical border. long torso, early Byz.
Coronation Sacramentary of Charles the Bald- 3 figs.
c. 869. School of St Denis. Carolingian. decorated reddish pages. Charles the Bald between archbishops OR Charlemagne between Popes. change of liturgy. rectangle under writing.
Coronation Sacramentary of Charles the Bald
869. School of St Denis. Christ in Majesty. 2 seraphims. personif of earth and sea. Carolingian
Codex Aureus of St Emmeram- Adoration of Lamb
c. 870. Charles the Bald Enthroned- 4 parts of kingdom offering, hand of god.
Adoration of Lamb- 24 elders worship.
per omnia- stripes. red bckgd
Cotton Psalter- Harrowing of Hell
c. 1100. Winchester School. Anglo-Saxon style. Christ large, colored pen, crinkly drapery
Harley Psalter- Crucifixion
c. 1000. Winchester School. Anglo-Saxon style. Dead christ- more solid than utrecht. sun and moon above. john twisted stance.
Psalm CIII- insp by Utrecht, Reims school? line drawing. mary and john the b, flanking- rejoicing?
Aetholwold Benedictional
c. 980. Winchester School. Anglo-Saxon style. Second Coming of Christ. christ elongated, tipping. angels with signs of passion. english border. baptism of christ?
Morgan Gospels
c. 1050. Anglo-Saxon style. #708- St Matthew- drinkly draperies. border trellis with plan motif. heavy tilted, mandorla
#709- Crucifixion. c. 1025. Christ, clouds above. cross= tree branches, stylized clouds.
Gero Crucifix
c. 970. life-sized wood crucifix. not byz. sagging, soft flesh. 4 nail iconography. Ottonian.
Cross of Lothair II
c. 1000. Cologne. Ottonian. augustan cameo. processional cross. snake on bottom.
Essen Madonna
c. 980. Ottonian. like book of kells- same model? christ sideways. carry in procession, 3 ft tall. buggy eyes.
Wood Virgin/ Child
c. 1050. Ottonian. set against wall. side view
Reliquary Statue of St Foy
983-1013. Ottonian. jewels, cameos added
Two Reliquaries
Ottonian. Head-shrine- St Alexander. 1145. holds his sandal.
Footshrine of Egbert- 980. from lower Saxon?
St Michael's of Hildesheim
1000. Ottonian archit. Bishop Bernward. trans of carolingian to otto. western build up. ABBA columns, cubiform capitals. clerestory windows.
Column of Christ
c. 1020. Ottonian. Bishop Bernward. spiraling narrative of Christ. bronze. 15-18ft. infl by column of Trajan. story-telling, not bckgd.
Noli me tangere- mary magdalene and resurrection.
Bronze doors of St Michael's of Hildesheim
1015. 15ft high. Ottonian. Bernward. each door cast in one piece. Adam and EVe on L, corresponds to Annunciation- resurr. sparse vegetation.
Speyer Cathedral
1030. Ottonian. dark red stone. lombardic arches. westwork. ABAB columns. turned stone vaulted ceiling with large groin vaults. 2 tower facade.
Gold Altar Frontal
early 11c. Basel Cathedral. Ottonian. det- Queen Kunigunde. 5 donor figs, each under arch. repousse
Gospel Book of Abbess Theophanu of Essen
1040. Ottonian. front cover. Crucifixion- det 2 sts,
cover- crucifix, repousse. carolingian ivory in middle. gold repousse surrounds
Portable Altar of Countess Gertrude
c. 1045. Ottonian. purple marbe. good repousse
Magdeburg Ivories
970. Ottonian. Christ teaching the temple. cross shapes in bckgd
Christ in Majesty between Virgin and St Maurice
c. 980. Ottonian. . adored by Otto II, Empress theophanu. dynasty worshipping.
Ivory book cover, St Paul
c. 1000. Ottonian. portrait face. based on counselor diptychs.
Ivory plaque from Treves
c. 990. Ottonian. The Incredulity of Thomas. tall archway. expressive. thomas does not believe resurrected christ. packed composition- emotions
Registrum Gregorii
c. 983. Ottonian. Emperor Otto II with symbols of 4 parts of his Empire. writings of Gregory. archit. frame to sep emperor from mortals. almost christ-like
Gospel Book of Otto III- Washing Feet of Peter
c. 1000. Ottonian. Reichnau of Court school of Otto III. frontality.
Washing feet of peter- large eyes, emph on gestures
Gospel Book of Otto III- Otto II surrounded by Church and state officials
c. 1000. Ottonian. emphasized regalia. lion heads on throne. rich border. divinely appointed. flat archit.
Gospel Book of Otto III- Det of Aunnunciation to the Shepherds
c. 1000. Ottonian. energy, drapery frozen in space. gold bckgd.
Gospel Book of OTto III- St Luke
c. 1000. Ottonian. ox over head. stares out hypnotically. jagged circles of light. fountain. harts drinking water. divinely insp. evangelist portraits
Book of Pericopes executed for King Henry II
c. 1012. Ottonian. Byz style, enameled/cloisonne plaques, crucifixion.
Christ takes leave of Disciples- gold bckgd. electric charges. same faces, diff hair.
3 Marys at tomb- bits of flowing drapery
Regensburg copy of Gregory's writings
c. 1020. Ottonian. Pope Gregory. three examples of Byz painting? Paris Psalter, PRayer of Isaiah, Virgin and Child. ??
Gospel of Abbess Uota
c. 1002. Ottonian. REgensburg. St Erhard celebrating mass. crucifixion. writings up side/margins. christ crowned. personif of church and synagogue.

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