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Art 105 test four


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Vincent Van gogh
life dates
Born where?
Vincent described his father as...
Father believes in his own righteousness
Vincent described his mother as..
a dear narrow-minded woman
As an artist....
he was almost entirely self taught
Being a laborer, he felt like a....
Wanted to paint...
Wanted to paint peasants as did...
Two who influenced Van gogh
Millet, Charles Dickens
Charles dickens quote...
What Charles Dickens does in words, I do in painting.
The three phases of Vincents Art lasted...
Phase 1 1880-1886
Location, BLANK period
Holland Belgium, Dutch period
Phase 1 1880-1886
drawings of....
peasants and landscapes
Phase 1 1880-1886
BLANK paintings done with...
Oil, traditional palette of earth collors
Phase 1 1880-1886
What famous work of art was done in phase 1
Potato eaters
Phase 1 1880-1886
Love affair with...
Phase 2 1886-1888
Phase 2 1886-1888
experimented with..
bright colors of impressionism
Phase 2 1886-1888
he discovered and was influenced by...
Japanese prints
Difference between phase 1 and 2
phase 2 was More abstract and Impasto used
Phase 3 1888-1890
3 locations
St. Remy
Phase 3 1888-1890
Event in Arles
Ear cutting incident
Phase 3 1888-1890
Location of
arles, st. Remy, Auvers
arles and st remy - southern france
Auvers- near paris
Phase 3 1888-1890
what type of painting
Highly expressive, individual manner of painting which made him famous.
Phase 3 1888-1890
His work begins... look less real, trying to say more with less
Phase 3 1888-1890
"Leave the obvious vague, but exaggerate the essential."
Phase 3 1888-1890
paintings of....
sunflowers, cypress trees, olive trees
Phase 3 1888-1890
colors were used....
Phase 3 1888-1890
color meanings
Red and greens: Terrifying human experience
yellow: joy and life
Phase 3 1888-1890
The famous yellow house/studio in...
Phase 3 1888-1890
The famous sunflowers of...
Phase 3 1888-1890
The BLANK relationship, strong use of..
Gauguin, impasto
Phase 3 1888-1890
loved what color
Phase 3 1888-1890
did what famous work
Stary night
Phase 3 1888-1890
A BLANK period
Vincent's birthday
March 30, 1853
What happened one yr (to the day) before Vincent was born?
van gogh's first vincent was born dead. Burried in churchyard
Tombstone made vincent feel...
like the second vincent, the substitute
Van gogh's had how many children, name of brother
5, Theo
The BLANK letters were to whom and why so important
Dear Theo letters, important because it gives us insight into the struggles Vincent had in the art world and in life.
If it wasn't for BLANK we wouldn't know 99% of things we know today about Vincent
Joanna, Theo's wife
How did Vincent sign his works?
"Vincent" first name only
His goal in life.....
Wanted the respect and love of his father...didn't ever work
Blank, he fell in love with and....
Keevos, his cousin, suffered second humiliating rejection in love
Keevos did what...because of
committed suicide, because Vincent harassed her so much.
Lived with BLANK for a while because why...
Sien (Clasina Hoornik) because he couldn't have his cousin
What did Vincent say to his brother before dying?
"Theo there will never be an end to human misery (suffering)."
"I want to do drawing which BLANK some people....I want to progress so far that people will say of work, he feels BLANK, he feels tenderly-not withstanding my so-called BLANK, perhaps even because of it...What am I in most people's eyes? A non-entit
Touch, deeply,roughness, never
Vincent feels what his father and mother think of him. They feel like...
Vincent is a big rough dog, a foul beast.
Vincent wanted to....
do and finish a certain amount of work to leave a remembrance in the way of drawing and painting not made to please a trend but in which human feeling is given utterance.
Just before this letter (8-1883-letter 309) written to Theo he wrote,KNOW NUMBERS
My body will stand the strain for a certain number, say between six and ten. If one is consumed too much in that time, one will not pass forty years of age.
And he indeed did not live to see...
Vincent had a tendency to...because
hurt himself, the product of a deep feeling of guilt that was intensified by many failures
In a ten year period he produced BLANK drawings, BlANK paintings
over one thousand, 900
Vincent took art lessons in BLANK (Location and date)
Brussels 1880
Sunflowers and van Gogh have been as one word in the art and street vocab for over a century.
Painted BLANK sunflower pictures
location of each
12, 5 in paris,7 Arles in Provence
"My pictures are after all almost a cry of BLANK, although in the rustic BLANK they may symbolize gratitude." Written to BLANK
anguish, sunflower, to Wilhelmina
Ear cutting incident date
Dec 24 1888
Ear cutting incident
mutilated himself, almost killed himself because he hit a vein
Ear cutting incident
What did he do with the ear?
Gift wrapped it and gave it to a friend for xmas, she fainted
Ear cutting incident
Next day....
Theo arrived at the hospital. Vincent's dream of sharing a yellow house to learn and create art now ended
Ear cutting incident
left Arles
Vincent had already painted BLANK to....
4 canvasaes of sunflowers, to brighten the austere room of Gauguin
in the mental hospital vincent....
accepted it as another curious even in his troubled life
"I shall count myself very lucky if BLANK, for it worries me a lot when I think that I have done so many pictures and drawings BLANK.
I can manage to work enough to earn my living, with ever selling one
Auction prices
Van Gogh Sunflowers...
Portrait of Dr. Gachet...
...auctioned for 39.8 million
Auction prices
sold for 53.9 mil
Portrait of Dr. Gachet
set a record at $82.5 Million (1990)
The final days of Auvers
Vincent decided to leave southern France.
The final days of Auvers
went to...
Dr. Gachet a physician whom theo knew took him on as a private patient.
The final days of Auvers...
Vincent thought that...
Gachet suffered from the same illness he did
The final days of Auvers..
heartbreak in his eyes
The final days of Auvers..
the end...
Happened in July. Dr was gone. Vincent felt a spell coming on and was frightened he couldn't face it alone. He went out into the fields and shot himself. Died the next day with Theo by his side
The final days of Auvers...
Age at death

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