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Art Fundamentals 2


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colors sit side by side on the color wheel and share a common hue
are colored powders that form paint when mixed with a binder
is a continuous mark made on a surface by a moving instrument
is created by adding white to a hue to create a lighter value
Implied line
is a series of points that the viewers eye automatically connects
objects absorb all light wwaves ande as a result we see the absence of color
Orange and blue are ________ colors
natural shapes like leaves and amoeba are called__________
focal point/emphasis
is created when one part of an object is dominant over all others
is the principle of art that indicates movement by the repetition of elements
is the quality of wholeness or oneness that is acheived through the effective use of the elements and principles of art
is a unit that is repeated in visual rhythm
is a type of balance that occurs when the elements of design radiate out from a central point
if i wanted the dark value of a hue, i would add black in order to create_______
are small areas of white used to show the brightest spots
when a shape takes on the third dimension of depth it is referred to as a ________
appeals to our sense of touch
color wheel
the full spectrum of color bent into a circle is called a _______ ________
split complementary color scheme
a hue plus the two colors on either side of its compliment is called _____ _____ _____
symmetrical balance
when the elements on both sides of an imaginary central line appear to be about equal in shpe, weight, value, and color
this is the italian word for modeling or shading
the brightness or dullness of a hue
color spectrum
light passing through a prism that is separated into bands of color
a color scheme that uses only tints and shades of one hue
pure color
abritrary color
an expressive choice of color based on preference
optical color
the color of an object that people actually perceive
a technique for creating a focal point by using differences in elements
the element of art that describes the darkness or lightness of an object
is the principle of art that is concerned with difference
what is a focal point?
first place you look/demands attention
what is a motif?
2D unit/repeated in visual rhythm
The word calligraphy mean:
beautiful writing
a gesture drawing is...
2 vanishing points
foreshortening is used when an artist......
object recedes into space abruptly
this is a type of rhythm that changes its motif each time it is repeated.
relief sculpture is....
objects protruding from a flat surface
a color triad consists of....
3 colors spaced equally on a color wheel
describe the similarities and differences between a motif and a moduale
motif is repeated 2D unit and module is repeated 3D unit
the are both repeated in visual rhythm
discuss the concept of point of view in relation to space
pov- mouse would see it dif. from giraffe
see things from def. places and or angles/angle at which you see an object
what is the difference between visual rhythm and kinetic rhythm
visual-2D/moves your eyes around
kinetic-3D/exists in real world/movement/play
Describe the golden mean and state one of its uses in art history
renaissance/line is divided in 2 parts so that the smaller section of the line has the same proportion (ratio) to the larger section of line as the larger section has to the entire line 1:6

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