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Byzantine and Early Christian


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Byzantine art
religiously oriented frescos and mosaics
Baptistry plan
based on greek cross
legalized christianity in 313 ad-because of dream and eventually moved his capitol from rome to byzantium, renaming it constantinople
early chandelier only used in churches
replaced the roman government after its fall
Hagia Sophia
means lady of wisdom
Ols St. Peter's basilica
first religious/christian building to have tower
Collapse of rome
betweeen 476 and 550
became primary means for church gatherings and later became traditional layout
Hagia Sophia church
added ribs to dome (instead of coffers) used thin sheet of marble for windows, bright colors and more geometric forms-more eatern
elements of byzantine art
doem with drum, baptistry plan, pendentives, glass like marble windows, tile inlay, relief-mix of culture, gold guild-painted gold, mosaics, onion dome, polycandela
Enclosed garden based on a courtyard-expression of monk/nun way of living.
Roman empire and church split
into east and west in after 330 ad
Barbarians and slaves
contributed to the fall of the roman empire
t-shape added onto back of building
Early churches
evolved from roman basilica, with elements from roman houses, temples, and synagogues
cruved triangle form between arches and columns
row of arches

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