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Art History 9-14-08


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Ziggurat of the moon god nanna by king Ur-Nammu
2100 BC - Summerian Culture
Tell Asmar Votive Statues
2700 BCE - Sumerian culture
Female Head - Uruk
3500 - 3000 BCE - Sumerian culture
victory Stele of King Naram-Sin
2300 BC - Akkadian culture
Stele of Hammurabi
1780-1760 BC - old-Babylonian culture
Lion hunt of King Ashurbanipal
650 BC - Assyrian culture
Head of an Akkadian Ruler
2300 bc - akkadian culture
statue of queen napir-asu
1350-1300 bc - elamite culture
seated statue of king gudea
21100 bc - sumerian culture
citadel and palace of king sargon II
720-705 bc Assyrian culture
palace of king sargon II Lamassu
721-705 bc assyrian culture

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