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Living with Art-Ch.11


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Manipulating a plastic material such as clay or wax to create a form.
The technique of creating a sculpture by grouping or piecing together distinct elements, as opposed to casting, modeling, or carving.
The process of making a sculpture or other object by pouring a liquid into the mold, letting it harden, adn then releasing it. Common materials used include bronze, plater, clay, and synthetic resins.
Also known by the French name cireperdue, a technique for casting sculptures or other objects in metal. A model of the object to be cast is created in wax, fitted with wax rods, then encased in a heat-resistant materal such as plater or clay, leaving the
Lost-wax casting
An object is fitted with wax rods and encased in plaster.
Direct casting
Meant to be viewed from one side only
The figures project minimally, as on coin.
Low relief/bas-relief
Figures project substantially from the background, often by half their full depth or more.
High relief
Outlines are carved into the surface and the figure is modeled within them, form the surface down.
Sunken relief
Means "counterpoise" or "counterbalance," it sets the body in gentle S-shaped curve though a play of opposites.
A work of art made for a specific place using natural materials foudn there, especially the earth itself.
Installment created for a particular site and can only be fully understood in the context of that site.
Part of an ongoing argument about the appropriate purpose, materials, and look of an art in the modern era.

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