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Art History 180-101


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Woman of Willendorf

11 cm
Stockstad figure 1-4
Prehistoric Art

Willendorf, Austria
circa 22,000-21,000 BCE
Nana Ziggurat

Mud Brick

Stockstad figure 2-6
The Ancient Near East

Ur (modern Warka, Iraq)
circa 2100 BCE
Carved Vase from Uruk

91 cm
Stockstad figure 2-8
asending, registers, groundline, hieratic scale, stylized
The Ancient Near East

Uruk (Iraq)
cica 2100 BCE
Palette of Narmer

63.5 cm
Stockstad figure 3-4
pictographs, hieratic scale
Egyption Art

circa 3000 BCE
King Menkaure and his Wife, Queen Khamerernebty

Grawacke with traces of red and black paint
142.3 cm
Stockstad figure 3-13
ideal, balanced pose, unchanging, ka
Egyption Art

Giza Egypt
circa 2500 BCE (Dynasty 4)
Harvester Vase

11.3 cm
Stockstad figure 4-10
overlapping, jostiling, singing, sistrum
Aegean Art

Triada, Crete
1650-1450 BCE (Second Palace Period)
Bull Jumping, wall painting

Wall painting (with modern reconstruction)

Stockstad figure 4-15
wasp waist, pail women, dark men, linear, flat
Aegean Art

Knossos, Crete
1450-1375 BCE
Temple of Hera I

Stockstad figure 5-9
entasis, doric order, post and lentil, peristyle, stylobate, entablature, metope, triglph
Greek Archaic Art

Paestum, Italy
circa 550 BCE
Kritian Boy

116 cm
Stockstad figure 5-33
severe stye, contrapposto
Greek Early Classical
by Kritios
Acropolis, Athens, Greece
480 BCE

Stockstad figure 5-39
breath to length 4:9, optical illusion, arched base, narrowing collinade, doric order
High Classical Art
architects Kallikrattes and Iktinos
Acropolis, Athens Greece
circa 440 BCE
East Pediment of the Parthenon
Three Women

Stockstad figure 5-42
drappery, realism
High Classical Art

Acropolis, Athens, Greece
438-432 BCE
Doryphoros (Spear Bearer)

marble (Roman) copy of bronze original
2 m
Stockstad figure 5-51
contrapposto, propotions, idealized human
High Classical Art
by Polykleitos
Roman copy after original bronze
450-440 BCE
Laokoön and his sons

2.44 m
Stockstad figure 5-79
emotion, drama
Hellenistic Art

Either Roman copy or Original
2nd or 1st century CE
Maison Carre

Stockstad figure 6-16
engaged columns, porch, cella
Roman Art

Nimes, France
circa 20 CE
Augustus of Primaporta

Stockstad figure 6-20
Roman Art

Early 1st Century CE (Reign of Ceaser Augustus)
Good Shepherd, Orants, and the Story of Jonah
Catacomb of Saints Pietro and Marcellino

Stockstad figure 7-3
Early Christian Art

Catacombs, Rome, Italy
4th Century CE
Church of Santa Sabina

Stockstad figure 7-11
Early Cristian Art

Rome, Italy
422-432 CE
Hagia Sophia

Stockstad figure 7-24
Byzantine Art

Constantinople (Istanbul), Turkey
532-537 CE (Reign of Justinian)
Transfiguration, aspse mosaic
Monastery of Saint Catherine

Stockstad figure 7-25
Byzantine Art

Sinai, Egypt
6th Century CE
Page with Lion
Gospel of Saint Mark
Book of Durrow

Stockstad figure 14-4
Insular Art

Iona, Scotland (?)
circa 675 CE
Page with Saint Matthew
Ebbo Gospels

Stockstad figure 14-16
Carlingian Art

Abby of Hautvillers near Riems, France
816-835 CE (Reign of Louis the Pious)
Gero Crucifix

Stockstad figure 14-28
Ottonian Art

Cologne, Germany
circa 970 CE (Reign of Otto III)
Abby Church of St-Foy

Stockstad figure 15-2
Romanesque Art

Conques, France
mid 11th-12th century CE
Tympanum, Church of St.-Lazare

Stockstad figure 15-11
Romanesque Art

Autun, France
circa 1120-1135/40 CE
Abby Churce of St.-Denis

Stockstad figure 16-4
Early Gothic

Ile-de-France, France
1140-44 CE
Royal Portal
west façade Chartres Cathedral

Stockstad figure 16-7
Early Gothic

Chartres, France
circa 1145-55 CE
Nave, Ameiens Cathedral

Stockstad figure 16-18
The High Gothic

Amiens, France
circa 1220-88 CE
Virgin and Child

Silver gilt and enamel
height 69 cm
Stockstad figure 16-29
s-curve, drappery
High Gothic

from Abby Church of St.-Denis
circa 1339 CE
Nave of Salisbury Cathedral

Stockstad figure 16-38
Regional Gothic

Salisbury Cathedral, England
1220-1258 CE
Ekkehard and Uta, Naumburg Cathedral

Stockstad figure 16-53
Regional Gothic

Naumburg, Germany
circa 1245-1260 CE
Birth of the Virgin

Stockstad figure 16-66
Regional Gothic
by Pietro Lorenzetti
Siena Catherdral, Siena, Italy
circa 1335-1342 CE

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