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Art vocabulary


undefined, object
copy deck
1st time out of fire pit
has no moisture
rope like clay to specific temp
the heating of clay to specific temp
glass like coating
same as oven/furnace
most moisture gone, but not all
quality of clay to be changed and maintain shape
mixing clay by cutting it and putting it back
small pyramid that bend and melt at a certain temp
electric wheel that builds clay
vanishing point
the point which all objects and lines seem to recede
refers to a system for representing the illusion of 3-D space on a flat or 2-D surface
one point
a work in which the artist has used only one vanishing point
horizon line
a line drawn accros the picture plane where the earth seems to meet the sky.
eye level
the point of view held by the viewer of a work
worms eye level
the view you would have if you were lying on the ground looking up at the box.
How many elements of art are there? Name them
(7) line shape
form space
texture color
how many principles of design are there? Name them.
movement rhythm
unity varuety
emphysis proportion
Who was the 1st American watercolorist to become famous?
Winslow Homer
Before him, most watercolors were done as.........
quick sketches for oil paints
When was Winslow Homer born?
Feb. 24, 1836
Who taught Homer Winslow how to paint?
his mother and he taught himself
Where did Homer Winslow work after graduation?
Harper's Weekly
When was Chuck close born?
July 5, 1940
Where did he go to school?
University of Washington and Yale
What kind of art did he do?
He would take a picture and make a grid out of it and then copy each little square.
What made Chuck Close are unusual?
It was very big
What happened to Chuck Close body?
An artery in his spine collapsed and he was in a wheelchair.
How many watercolor terms did you learn? List them
flat wash graded wash
wet-on-wet glazing
lift out scraffiti
wax persist

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