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Prehistoric - Roman, Identify Art


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Venus of Willendorf from the ___ era.
Venus of Willendorf was the first ____ ____, from the history of art.
female nude
Venus of Willendorf was carved out of _____, measuring just over ____ inches.
limestone, 4
Venus of Willendorf was carved in the period known as the ____ period.
Paleolithic = The Old Stone Age, so named bcs it was a time when human beings created tools out of stone
During Paleolithic period, the climate btw Alps and Scandinavia resembled present-day ___ and ____, and the last ___ ___ was drawing to a close.
Siberia, Alaska, ice age
During the Paleolithic period, people were in constant battle with , seeking shelter in caves or naturally occurring structures.
the elements
During the Paleolithic period, societies were essentially ______.
Venus of Willendorf could have served as a _____, carried for _____, either to ensure a successful hunt or as a symbol of _____ ____ and fecundity.
charm, good luck, procreative power
Venus of Willendorf is a cluster of ___ & ____, devoid of ____ & _____. In fact, her head is characterized by a stylized bead pattern, which is repeated in seven circles.
balls and shapes, face and feet
Venus of Willendorf is not a portrait of a specific person but rather a type or symbol of ____.
Venus of Willendorf's head, breasts, and belly are _____ & _____ in proportion to her diminutive arms and feet. Thus she is rather _____ & _____ as opposed to naturalistic.
spherical and exaggerated, stylized and abstract
Venus of Willendorf's emphasis is on her ____, ____ & ____ ____, possibly communicating a message about ______; this has led some to consider her a _____ _____. She may also symbolize fecundity and the life-giving nature of woman.
breasts, belly, and pubic region; fertility; fertility goddess
Snake Goddess was part of the _____ civilization.
The Snake Goddess close connection with the Minoan house is believed to indicate that the goddesses shown (throughout mult. figures) are _____ Goddesses.
Snake Goddess's exposed and amplified breasts suggest she is some kind of _____ figure.
Snake Goddess: The serpent is often associated with _____ of ____ bcs. it sheds its skin periodically.
renewal of life,
As in Egypt, Minoan artists depicted their women as ____-skinned, and their men as ____-skinned.
light, dark
As in Egypt, we can see another stylistic similarity in the Minoan Goddess's ______.
Cycladic art Refers to art produced on the _____ Islands in the Aegean Sea.
Cycladic art: Marble figurines show a tendency toward an abstraction from ______.
Minoan art refers mostly to art produced on the islands of ____ & ____.
Crete & Thera
Minoan art: The Minoans produced large palace complexes that were adorned with brightly colored ______.
Minoan art: Minoan civilization takes its name from Kind ____ and the legend of the ____.
Minos; Minotaur
Minoan art both in subject and style reveals a culture that was _____ & ____, not one dominated by ____.
playful & gay; war
Minoan paintings show an interest in ____, curvilinear ____, ____, and fluidity.
movement; lines; beauty
Mycenaean art refers to the art produced by the civilization on the mainland of ____.
Mycenaean art: The Mycenaeans created large and heavily fortified ____ on the highest points of their cities.
Mycenaean art and architecture shows that the culture was dominated by ____.
Mycenaean art: Mycenaean civilzation is know to us through Homer's _____.
Aphrodite of Knidos may be the ____ female ____ introduced in Greek sculpture. (by Praxiteles)
first; nude
Aphrodite of Knidos is the Greek Goddess of ____ & ____ in an everyday mundane act of bathing.
love & beauty;
Aphrodite of Knidos is completely nude and turned away from the viewer. We are afforded a voyeuristic view of a private activity. She is both ___ & ___.
modest & sensual
Aphrodite of Knidos is in the pose of the Venus ____ ("modest Venus").
Aphrodite of Knidos; Praxiteles used his courtesan ____ as a model.
Aphrodite of Knidos is rounded and sculpted so as to enhance the curves of the female figure. She indicates a turn to the ____ from the more practical eras preceding this one.

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