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Art Overall Terms


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copy deck
constructive criticism of a piece, pointing out pros and cons driven by facts
Thumbnail Sketch
a small version of a later work, "rough draft," to get ideas sketched on paper
tool that sets up focus in a composition, allows zooming in
the quality of work, neatness
the way in which something(a piece of artwork) is set up, organization of art elements
Implied Lines
lines that are not directly shown but hinted at by values(darker to lighter)
Restated lines
lines that are gone over repeatedly instead of erased until the lines look the way that one wants-saves time
oval/tilted circle that appears on cups, bowls, etc...
Golden Section/Rule of Thirds
way to get a good composition by dividing paper into 3rds in order to find 4 "sweet spots"
"Sweet Spots"
4 main points of composition, where focal point should be
Focal Point
the place in a piece of art where the viewer's attention goes
Wide Range in Values
the variation in the gradation, variety of grays
the sharp difference between different values
Blind Contour
a drawing where one can only look at the object they are observing(not their paper) and cannot lift their drawing tool
Modified Contour Drawing
a drawing where one can only occasionally look at their paper, instead of the object they are observing, cannot lift their pencil

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