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Art History 1 S12: Gothic


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A Cruciform church plan is a plan that is in the shape of a __.
Define Triptych.
3-panel artwork
Hildegard Von Bingen is thought to have written more than __ books in Latin and __ Chants at a time when women were rarely literate.
9, and 70
Draw a Romanesque Portal sculpture and label 5 parts.
1-trumeau 2-lintel 3-tympanum 4-jambs 5-archivolts
What is the difference between St. John the Baptist and St. John the Evangelist? Were they or were they not the same person?
No, St. John the Evangelist wrote the gospel according to St. John. St. John the Baptist was the cousin of Jesus and his head was served on a platter
Who led the building of the Tower of Babel?
What is the difference between contrapposto and the "Gothic Sway"?
contrapposto-The David
Gothic Sway-Virgin's child
The author compares the race to build larger and more grand cathedrals to another place and time:
to the skyscrapers in New York-the race to build the tallest building in the world
Abbot __ (1081-1151)was the Benedictine Abbott of St. Denis, the church where Charlemagne and a whole line of French kings were crowned.
The people of the Gothic period did not call themselves Gothic. To describe the new and revolutionary artwork around them, they used teh following two terms:
1-Modern Style 2-French Style
The most obvious characteristic of International Gothic is its soaring, light-filled interiors. Chruches were not the only building trhat used the style. The style was also adapted to include what 3 things?
1-public building like townhalls/courthouses
2-wealthy residences
The rise of the cathedral occurs in teh same period as teh rise of the European University, which included four major European schools?
1-Paris 2-Cambridge 3-Oxford 4-Bologna
The Thirteenth century saw the rise of Scholastic philosophy which broaght together __ and __ under the renewed influence of __.
faith, reason, Aristotle
The patron saint of Frnace is St. __.
One main goal Abbott Suger's innovation was to bring into the church a __ light.
Chartres Cathedral stained glass artwork "The Tree of Jesse" is intended to demonstrate exactly what?
the lineage of Jesus
At Reims cathedral, the west portal tympanum scultures were replaced with __ __ __.
stain glass windows
Compare the Annunciation and Visitation west facade portal sculptures from Reims.
Annunciation-stiff, geometric, expressionless
Visitation-the gothic sway, naturalistic,can see some body thru cloth.
The reliquary on page 269 of the Virgin and Child is said to contain what particular relic?
hairs from Mary's head
Major European Cathedral building was brought to a halt by widespread __.
True or False: Elaborately embroidered priest's robes became so heavy tha tpriests sometimes had to have help to move.
Describe the distinguishing characteristic of the Germanic Hall Church.
The arcade ceiling is part of the nave ceiling, in the French version the ceiling is split into 3 parts

The term for this figure is...
Chartes is unique among Gothic buildings. Why?
It has almost all of it original stainglass
Describe the distinquishing characteristic of the Germanic Hall Church.

The nave and arcade share the same ceiling

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