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Arabic roots 1


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father, ancestor, forefather (ab, abû)
to serve, worship, be devote to, show veneration ('abd, 'ibâda, ma'bûd)
to act justly, equitably or to make straight, set in order ('adl, a'dâla, ta'dîl)
to be non-existent, disappeared, destroyed, devoid of ('adam, 'adîm)
to be obliterated, effaced, eliminated (al-'afûw, 'afwîya, 'afâ', isit'fâ', 'âfin, mu'fan)
to unify, be one (al-ahad, ahadîya, uhâdî)
to postpone, defer, be last, final, ultimate (al-âkhir, âkhar, ukhrâ, ta'khîr, mu'akhkhara)
to adore, deify, turn to another with intense feeling (ilâh, ilâhî)
to know, have knowledge, be informed, teach, notify (al-'alîm, 'ilm, 'ilmiya, 'allam, u'lûma)
to hope, to look attentively, meditate, consider (amal, âmâl, âmil, muta'ammil)
to be familiar, friendly, sociable (uns, insî, ins, anîs)
to tie, knit, make a knot, put together, join ('aqd, 'aqîda)
to have the faculty of reasoning, comprehension ('aql, 'aqlî)
to know, to perceive, discover, to announce ('arîf, 'irfân, ma'rîfa, ta'rîf, ma'rûf)
to hold back, restrain, preserve, to take refuge, guard ( 'asama, 'isâmî)
to be great, powerful, mighty (a'zam, al-'azîm, 'izâmî, 'azîma)
to celebrate, to feast ('îd ul adhâ, mu'âyada)
to be strong, powerful, respected, to fortify, strengthen (al-'azîz, 'izz, ta'zîz, ma'azza)
to introduce, originate, start, do for the first time (al mubdi', bdi', badî'a, abda', ibtidâ')

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