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Geog/Ancient History 2


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marshal tito
he was the leader of yugoslavia
truman doctrine
president announces the U.S. will help countries threatened by communist take over
marshal plan
U.S. would give money to war ravaged Europian countries
countries totally dependant on Russia
iron curtain
Churchill's phrase used to describe the satellite countries of the soviet union
balfour declaration
Britain promised Jews a national home in Palestine so long as non-Jews rights were not threatened
Margaret Thatcher
Prime Minister of England, reversed the trend of welfare state, nationalized railroads, economic decline
Clement Attlee
Prime Minister after Winston Churchill; made Great Britain into welfare state
Alexander Dubcek
Ruler of Czechoslovakia, promised reform, civil liberty and democracy
Lech Walesa
Polish worker's union leader arrested, martial law declared because of protests over rising food/fuel prices
Charles DeGaulle
President of Fifth French Republic; distrusted US, allied France with USSR
Francois Mitterand
France turns to socialistic measures and elects this man; tried to ease economic strain; aggressive nuclear program
an easing of strained relations between US and USSR
strong desire to form Jewish nation in Palestine
nuclear winter
dust from bomb could blanket earth, make it impossible to grow food or even see the sun
magnetic pulse
bombs destroy electrical machinery
Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (Arab nations)
3 motives for Soviet expansion
not be invaded again, a buffer zone from the West, raw materials from surrounding countries
Nuremberg trials
international court set up to try Nazi in charge of concentration camps for crimes against humanity
Why did Russian blockade of Berlin fail?
Berlin airlift by Americans
How did European Community try to get political & economic unity?
"Common Market", wanted all Europe to share one currency
North Atlantic Treaty Organization - a mutual defense pact; Western nations to take united action against attacker if one of them is attacked
Warsaw Pact
USSR response to NATO; forced USSR satellites to contribute troops in casue of war, all except Yugoslavia
CIA and KGB - differences
CIA(American) formed to fight communism; KGB (Soviet)largest secret police force in history
How did Israel become a nation?
1948 United Nations divided Palestine and half became Israel
What did 600 Jews call ship they used to escape from Cyprus
What happened when UN divided Palestine?
Arabs infuriated, armies from Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon attack. Israel outnumbered and won.
New medical treatments since WWII
antibiotics, lasers, anatomic radiation to fight cancer
How did OPEC use oil as a weapon?
By refusing to sell to Israel and Israel's western supporters in the 1970s
nuclear accidents
3 Mile Island, NY and Chernobyl, Russia
concerns of nuclear warfare
nuclear winter, magnetic pulse
Describe 2 methods that Gorbachev used to ease oppression in USSR and results of methods
Glasnost - "openness" cut back censorship of the press
perestroika - "restructuring" of gov't and economy
Results: give people a little freedom, they wanted more. USSR fragmented as people rejected communism
Describe fully 4 step model of communist take over
Plant communists in country;
assume positions of power in country (by force); take over gov't; suppress people's rights and any protests
Give example of step #4 of commuist takeover in Afghanistan?
Attempt to destroy guerilla resistance, bombing villages, indoctrinating children

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