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Calvert 6th History Unit 1


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What are three categories of families?
Three categories of families are nuclear (mother, father, and children), extended family (aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc.), and alternative family (people who may not be directly related but who form family bonds).
Explain how radiocarbon dating works. Is it 100% accurate?
Living things absorb carbon. When living things die, the radioactive carbon within begins to decay at its own rate. Scientists can determine an age based on the amount of radiocarbon remaining within. Its accuracy can be affected by smoke and pollution.
What is migration?
Migration is movement from one place to another, permanently.
Why is kitchen midden so important to archaeologists now?
Kitchen midden provides insight into diet, daily activity, and contact with other cultures.
How is culture reflected in the lives of people?
Culture is reflected through their language, artwork, literature, inventions, and traditions.
Name some other methods for dating objects, besides radiocarbon dating.
potassion-argon dating, tree-ring dating, written records
Can radiocarbon dating be used to determine the age of pottery? Why or why not?
No. Pottery is not a living thing and therefore can't be dated with radiocarbon dating.
Where was Tutankhamen's tomb hidden?
Tutankhamen's tomb was hidden under the ancient foundations of worker's huts.
What are two types of boundaries?
Two types of boundaries are natural boundaries and artificial boundaries.
Name two types of cultural dating and define each.
relative dating and absolute dating

Relative dating determines whether an object is older or newer than another particular object.

Absolute dating gives the piece an age.
Name three ancient technological advances that helped make maps more accurate?
loadstone - simple compass

astrolabe - instrument to help sight positions of the sun and stars

gnoman - blade that stands upright on a sundial
What is cultural dating?
Cultural dating is comparing artifacts to others found at that time or related to materials of that time.
Name four important nonwritten sources of historical information.
fossils, artifacts, oral tradition, and tombs or monuments
What do archaeologists learn from studying the archaeological record?
Archaeologists learn how people lived, what they ate, how they died, and what diseases they had.
What did Hippalus do?
Hippalus sailed directly across the Arabic sea to India using monsoon and dry winds to power his boat. This shortened trade routes.
What is periodic movement?
Periodic movement entails moving to a different place for a period of time, but never staying in one place permanently.
What are some reasons for deforestation?
Trees are cut down for lumber, but the trees are also cut down so that people can use the land in other ways, such as for farming, building houses and other buildings, and for raising animals.
What is cyclical movement?
Cyclical movement occurs on a regular basis between the same places.
What makes up the archaeological record?
The archaeological record consists of artifacts, ruins, bones, and fossils.
What is the difference between a fossil and an artifact?
A fossil is the remains or imprint of a living thing, while an artifact is a man-made object.

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