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About Sudan


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What happened on October 19, 2009?
US announces a redirection of its policy with Sudan. Action to curtail genocide in Darfur and maintain peace between northern and southern Sudan.
Stats about Sudan?
597 tribes speak over 400 languages. 7 million Animists and 2 million Christians in South.
Achieves independence from Britain in 1956.
First Civil War?
Civil War breaks out between North and South in 1955. South believes they are being under-resourced by the majority governemt in the North. This divide was begun by the British to stop spread of Islam and to increase Christianity. 1955-1972: Tens of thousands killed or displaced.
Second Civil War?
1983-2005. Sudanese government announces plans to Islamize entire country. South resists-2 million are killed, 4 million displaced.
About Darfur?
Entered US press in 2003. War has been persistent since early 1970s. Pastoral tribes in West claim they are being ignored by government. Government attacks with rape and burning land. Genocide declared by US in 2004.
Estimates of ethnic cleansing?
Death: Disease: 70,000 Violence: 700,000 Displaced: 7.5 mil
US role in Darfur?
President Bush called for action and called for the UN to force a bigger role for NATO in battling to Darfur crisis. This plan did not materialize, true to Bush fashion.
UN role in Darfur?
Human rights council commissioned a study of the situation in Darfur. The results were contested by China and Russia.
Who is doing what?
China & Russia joined Arab states on March 16, 2007 in urging the UN's human rights council to ignore a report from a mission to Darfur that blamed Sudan for continuing war crimes against civilians.
US involvement now?
Obama administration carries out an extensive review and issues its finding and policy. "...act with a sense of urgency in purpose..." -Pres. Obama

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